And the back done, now to do the front and not screw up the ribbing by trying to shortcut the process

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The benefits of sweaters instead of shawls is that the stitch count remains feasible, and doesn't explode out to ridiculous numbers

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This morning a black poodle in a Hawaiian shirt wandered into my office and licked me

I will never get past the fact that there are speed runners that know how to do all these complicated techniques -and- explain them clearly in real time

There are some really nice colours coming out of this experiment

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absolutely overloaded that poor drying rack. I can't hang it higher unfortunately, cause of the risk it simply blowing completely off my balcony

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give me your tips on caring less about work / taking it less seriously / prioritizing your mental health and energy levels over work

boosts okay

He's also so gently snarky about the failings of the previous conservator's work 😂

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Baumgartner Restoration on YT is really a fantastic channel, with a soothing yet informative voice overlaying some fascinating conservation

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