I really wish we could add CWs to boosts but until we can, we need to be mindful of what we're sharing. Stuff like politics and climate change needs a CW.

You can use your own CW to share the link to a toot or an article or whatever rather than boost an unCWed thing. I know it's a little more effort than just smashing that boost button but it's still not a lot and it seems worth it for people's mental health. Thanks.

TLDR: if you're writing or consuming fantasy, ffs don't just accept latin magic words uncritically. be wary of the idea of magical lineages. these are loaded ideas which should not be approached or perpetuated heedlessly.

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I'm really liking both the DM and the production values on this vodcast of Relics and Rarities. DAW is often rolling for the players (on their request) to fully immerse the RP (ie, the players don't know if they failed from the die, only from the subsequent RP description). They've also added in sound effects in post, so stuff like traps and doors grating open have foley, and it really works well. And the -set- and the setup is -amazing- youtube.com/watch?v=OuLrmMjzKZ

Looking at a near completed project of a sweater and deciding that I don't actually want to finish it. Hm.

I want to see a tv drama where the tech person is like "ok I'm on it" and then proceeds to google "linux how untar file"

phew. I mentioned to an IG that certain essential oils can be dangerous to dogs, cause they'd just gotten a 'mix' to help their chihuahua, and they took the advice to heart.

It was an 'out of the blue' sort of DM too, so I'm glad they didn't just dismiss it.

damnit. I see a sweater I'd like to wear in a shop, and my first reaction is to buy the yarn to make it myself =P

I'm getting used to long needles, but -man- they don't transport well. Circulars are really the only way to go for most styles of , cause they're so much more compact =P

Going back to long straight needles to practice lever on this shawl

Today I learnt how to dye yarn with food colouring. It was surprisingly straight forward, and definitely something I can do at home. My yarns in the third pic are the blue/white one, the white green and brown next to that, and the lavender and pale red skeins.

This week's DnD episode included nearly dying to a giant half frozen, blighted tree, that we only defeated by terrifying it to a sentinel'd standstill before using a Tyrannosaurus Rex to bite it in half....

After figuring out I miscalculated badly almost right off the bat, I had to frog all my progress back to the cast on...

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