I take a lot of pictures of the sky and usually people ignore me or look askance but as I took one today a woman near me in the parking lot stopped, looked at the sky, and said “My god, it is beautiful, isn’t it,” and took a picture of her own

Decided to start a blanket with the knit picks set I bought ages ago

Oh my god you guys, the new Legend of Zeldaic Crypt of the Necrodancer is so frickin good, the soundtrack alone is worth it nintendo.com/games/detail/cade

So JSYK, the Handsome Collection for Borderlands 2 is like 97% off on Steam atm, so fill in your collection of DLC and stuff for like AUD$4.50

There are two tabs inside you. Both are frozen and playing audio.

Note to self: Even just a pinch of fennel seeds is too much

Speaking of time loops, The Outer Wilds is a charming space exploration game where you explore a tiny solar system in a cobbled together spaceship and it's a whole lot of fun, with a fascinating plot. It's also very cheap currently with the Epic store discounts

I was just recently reminded of my favorite "controversy" to ever happen in the hobbyist board gaming community - One Deck Dungeon.
So, ODD was going to be the first ever "roguelike in a box", and people were hyped - a way to scratch the itch of playing classic video games like NetHack, except with cardboard!
The game was released, word got around how good it was... and then vultures descended, attacking it with whiny posts and reviews.
For, you see, ODD had committed an unforgivable cardinal sin, in the eyes of these nerds:
All four playable characters were women.

Pattern is a free PurlSoho one called Snow Tracks Scarf. It wasn't designed at all to be a mobius cowl, but I joined it that way for the hell of it. Yarn was a ball of acrylic I bought from one of those discount homeware stores when I first started to knit

Because it got suddenly cold this week, I knit up this cowl in a few hours out of the bulkiest acrylic yarn I had in my stash

Eh, the collab between From Software and GRRM appears to be a game called "Great Rune" and is set in Norse mythology.

Can we please try some non eurocentric mythologies? How about Indian? How about Thai? Norse and Greek are so played out recently, with Dad of War and Thor/Loki MCU and AssCreed et al

I always forget how suppressed my appetite gets when I'm sick

When you see an post on Tumblr saying "OMG it's so easy to differentiate Chinese, Japanese, and Korean" and just shows Chinese, then Japanese kanji in a different font and explains you should look for the bolder font....

It took me 20min to walk to the next station, and I still think I saved time

I think I'll walk to the next station rather than get in that queue

I don't even know what the event is, I only just got redirected to another train platform while trying to leave the station

I picked the worst day to go to Chatswood

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