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Hi, I'm Ben, currently living in Sydney, Cammeraygal lands. Main work is in IT doing general site dev and CMS development. Offhours I'm into , both video and , and a number of , , , and

I usually have a ridiculous number of WIP projects going on at one time

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@matt My schoolteacher sister used to have a dog called Boofhead for quite obvious reasons. Then she was posted to Casterton in the far west of the state and decided to drive there and check it out. She realised that if she lived there and the dog got out, running through the streets calling “Come home, Boofhead” would attract the attention of the male inhabitants of the town. So the beastie was renamed Micky.

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Please join my initiative to raise and enforce the minimum wage in the US so that military recruiters can't prey on impoverished people anymore. I call it 

Wage against the Marine

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At this online yarn store you can buy colours named:
“Rotten pistachio cream macaron”
“Formerly red car”
“From a snail’s point of view”
“Gray which must not be named”
“Tired hamster”
“Tomato soup with too much cream”
“Giant clam closing forever”

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My game on Steam launches tomorrow! I’m fairly excited. I can just imagine people playing Gravity Flux and enjoying it. This could be the start of something bigger.

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It used to be common for Guangdong men to smoke tobacco with water pipes, much less so now. Construction Uncle had a homemade one today so I stopped to chat and asked for a picture.

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Use the edit button! 

It seems your can edit old tweets and add/remove a CW tag.

This rules. :awesome:

Gotta say, this boat shuttle is amazing, I won a birthday voucher at a local weaving shop and put that towards this.

bah, when the ubereats order just cancels itself with no reason. They could at least reply with "Sorry, we're overbooked at the restaurant" or something, but to just cancel after waiting forever?


I think this chili crisp fried egg on rice is now my go-to for comfort food, it just elevates that regular dish to something so much more tasty.

and, given how popular the game is now, I have no doubt they have the budget to hire a cultural consultant.

Mind you the base premise might be hard to work around

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Cause every single time you normally see that sort of landscape and animals, it's always with the context of Indigenous habitation and existence. Stripping the game of that entirely leaves a space.

But honestly, with the -style- of game we're developing here, I don't know if you could have Indigenous representation done tastefully without the colonisation vibes.

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There's this animal crossingesque game ostensibly set in the Aussie outback, and is unabashedly Australian in theme and content...

But it feels a bit colonialistic to play, not hardly because there's zero Indigenous representation in the game, which, fine.... but you're essentially building your town in the middle of Australian bushland with yourself as the only humans.

Now the dev has done some really great work as a single developer to make this game, and it runs really well, multiplayer, very few bugs I've encountered etc

But still... there's that nagging feeling of "something deliberately left out" that makes this -very- colonising

As you approach the lake, the surface ruffles as if touched by an unseen breeze, the feathers that fill the large depression churn ominously before rotating in a slow interconnected series of vortices.

The turning feathers gradually speed up, a soft whistle echoes as they rub against each other flickering across the strait, and the humming ramps up to a low tonal scream that you can feel in your bones, as giant brass wheels emerge from their feathery bed, rotating and gyroscoping hundreds of meters into the air as it cuts through the light, scattering feathers across the shore.

Then it stops.

And all the eyes open.

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what's arakis' #1 coffee chain? 


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My magnum opus! It is done!

Quick facts:
✅​ It measures approximately 91" x 90".
✅​ It contains 161 hexes.
✅​ At about 2.5 hours per hex (including joining time), I put in at least 400 hours.
✅​ It weighs 14 pounds.
✅​ I used 27 full skeins of gray, 19 full skeins of other colors, and 8 partial colored skeins.
✅​ At 285 yards per skein, there is some 7.5 miles of yarn in this project!

The pattern is Swirly Candy (

The yarn is Loops & Threads Impeccable.

#crochet #fiberart #donteverletmedosomethinglikethisagain

Friend of mine got an alpaca fleece and she scoured some as a test. I had some hand carders so I have just given processing the fibre a go. Incredibly dusty work, doing it indoors means I needed a hand vac on hand to keep from drowning in dust and fleece bits. My wrists are aching something fierce but I managed some 30g of fibre carded


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