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Hi, I'm Ben, currently living in Sydney, Cammeraygal lands. Main work is in IT doing general site dev and CMS development. Offhours I'm into , both video and , and a number of , , , and

I usually have a ridiculous number of WIP projects going on at one time

is one of the best one-shots I've ever had the pleasure of watching. It's a four episode run, very high level, but handles the sundering of a civilisation with high drama, politics, battles and sacrifice, oh god, I cried.

You need no previous experience with the campaigns, it's a stand alone telling the story in the past, of hubris and family, and it has some of the best Live play role players currently streaming.

Headed out to meet some friends for Knit in Public Day, good to see them, meet new friends and hang around at a cafe for a few hours and talking

@fiberarts I like charts, but sometimes I end up squinting while trying to count the number of stitches in a section, so I like to annotate with repeats to save me the strain

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a new shawl, the recommended yarn is a DK but I found such a beautiful sock yarn so I'm holding it with a couple of lace weights in blue and yellow.

Pattern is the Jigsaw Shawl


@fiberarts finished both gloves, following are some construction shots . I would possibly add some short rows around the wrist area to bring it in a bit tighter but overall a very interesting knit

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Who called it "malloc()" and not "see_you_later_allocator()" ?

I ripped back and started again but using stockinette rather than garter stitch,


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Working on some fingerless gloves, this is the most interesting construction I've ever seen. I'm affectionately calling it the Cool S style 😂 Pattern is called the Pieces Of Eight mitts

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once 

The overlying plot was so absurd and so well executed, the fighting was amazingly done, and with Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan in there, it's no accident. Some of the 'cycle through the possibility' scenes were so extensive and involved outfit changes for every single one, like the costuming department must have been enormous for just Ms Yeoh's outfits alone.

All in all, an amazing movie. If you're first or second generation Asian diaspora, it's a must see, if not, it's still a fantastic about nihilism, but with martial arts added on.

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Everything, Everywhere, All At Once 

So, I watched this movie, and I have never experienced a movie that ever related to me on quite so many levels.

Like, it contains absurdity, but underneath that, underlying the story, the plot, there's a story written by a Asian American, the language, the mannerisms reflected so strongly.

The casting was perfect, Michelle Yeoh fit the role so well, and I'm glad they rewrote her role from one initially slated for Jackie Chan, because it allowed them to write Evelyn's story in an incredibly genuine way. Every aspect of her is believable and true.

Key Huy Quan was the perfect foil, he again and again showed Waymond as a character who chooses kindness, and solves all their problems with it.

Stephanie Hsu played Joy as a second generation Asian American and I loved it. Her code switching, her tacit understanding of how love is expressed, she is all of us. And she got to wear some of the most amazing outfits ever seen in any movie.

Enbies who speak German: what are your favorite pronouns? What are yours? What are the common ones?

Boosts welcome

school shootings, generally 

Had a conversation with my son tonight about the safety drills they do at school. If a “bad guy” gets into the school, anyone that has a seat where “the light from the window shines” has to move somewhere else. His desk is on the other side of the room so he’s just meant to get under the desk. There’s a curtain on the door window and it’s the teacher’s job to drop the curtain down. He just finished 2nd grade.

who's got two thumbs and has paws


*looks back and forth at paws, distressed*

When I first wore the skew socks I knitted, I thought that it was weirdly tight at an angle across the top of my foot/heel intersection and figured it was just a factor of close fitting knitted socks in that design. I told myself, I'd keep an eye on where it felt tight and try to fix it in the next pair.

Months later, I turn the sock inside out and discover I'd left a dental floss lifeline in the stitches where the heel begins. Because it was so thin, I couldn't see it against the yarn, but I could definitely -feel- it 🤣🤣

I don't know enough about Linux to really get this, but I figure there'll be some nerds on here that will likely get a chuckle

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