woo, Good Eats is back on. I've missed it =D

It is not exactly new story and I am not sure if this made the rounds in fediverse but a few days ago #archiveofourown won the hugo award on best related work. We have a huge #FLOSS community here but we don't talk nearly enough about this project.

#ao3 is an unique opensourced project that is not male dominated and also not started by people who were fulltime engineers but fans who decided enough is enough and we need to own our servers.

Congrats to Ao3!

#fandom #womenswork

sexual harassment 

Happy first birthday Aus.Social! :blobcatrainbow:

I'll be launching a PixelFed (Instagramish) to Celebrate! 🎉

Lastly... if you feel the urge to support us and our community, Please feel free to throw me a dollar at patreon.com/shleeau :annoyingdog:

hidden disability 

Fun fact: each book scanned for the Internet Archive has a unique identifier, usually the title of the item, or its first 16 characters; the volume number, or 00 if there isn't one; and the first 4 characters of the author. So:

TIL that Americans often refer to eggs as 'dairy' because of where in the supermarket they're sold

I really like the detail in this movie poster for a George Miller Double Feature instagram.com/p/B0OU79Il1Sn/

This is the look of a dog who doesn't understand the game we're playing but knows he's gonna win eventually

My niece gave this to me on the weekend and I don’t think any of my other mugs are going to get much use in the foreseeable future.

Saying "any pronouns are fine!" doesn't make you a good ally 

This, from the Idea of North, is an excellent rendition of Tim Minchin's Not Perfect facebook.com/TheIdeaofNorth/vi

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