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Link: How to view The Expanse S06 webisodes, 25 minutes of extremely well hidden bonus content (no spoilers) 

Got my first Necron done! I kept it pretty simple since I have another nine of them to paint. Check out that base, it's this special paint called Martian Ironearth from Games Workshop that cracks as it dries!

Got all the boxes I need to create the six squads for Fireteam now ( I'd SAY that's the last of the miniature purchases for a while, but we all know that's a filthy lie. 😅

You know how docker containers get a random name assigned when you don't specify one yourself? Names are randomly generated and look like "inspiring_pike" or "competent_darwin".

Turns out there's a special check in the code that prevents it from ever generating the name "boring_wozniak" 😄

I've been doing a bit of experimentation with my miniature painting! First was finding a good colour scheme for my Tyranids and also using the "Muddy Ground" texture paint and little grass tufts I bought back in October (

The second has been "zenithal highlighting" where you base coat in black and then do a second prime with a lighter colour just from above, where the light would be hitting it. Very pleased with both!

Finally managed to sneak some varnish in this evening and got the blood effects done and proper photos taken!

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the boys are back in town, but not only has the town been irreversibly changed, so too have the boys. the boys can never truly return to town.


I made myself a batch of Quorn-based spaghetti bolognese yesterday, had the first one for lunch today and it's excellent. I'm not sure I'd really have noticed it wasn't beef if I wasn't paying attention!

"My first impressions of web3" by Moxie Marlinspike

Really hits the nail on the head IMO. A good follow-up to Laurie Voss's recent piece:

I really have no sense of time lately (and by "lately" I mean just "any time in the past several years"). It was five years ago today we visited the train museum at Thirlmere!


Pretty sure that's some hail on the way.


On the back of the giant sack of bread flour I've got there's a few recipes for various things, and one of them is damper. I decided to finally get around to making it and it looks pretty good, though I'm not entirely sure what happened with the splitting there.

I finished the leader of The Crimson Court back in September ( but hadn't been feeling in the painting mood apart from that. I finally got around to finishing the rest of the warband now! (Though as is becoming a theme lately, I need to wait for it to be not hot or humid in order to get the varnish done so I can then put the blood effects on top of that).

Thinking about how we went camping with a friend and found out that he shouts every morning right as he wakes up. As if coming back to consciousness is jarring. "AAH, I'm awake!" is a mood

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