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Me working with computers:

"spirit of this machine, heed my will..."

We took advantage of the GLORIOUS weather today and went for a walk around Fagan Park. You seriously couldn't have asked for a nicer day.

I don't think you can tell from the photo, but there's a good three or four bees buzzing around our lavender at the moment!

Now, hopefully these lavenders don't randomly up and die like the last two lots did (granted the previous ones were in the ground and the soil is CRAZY thick with clay here, so I think that significantly contributed to their demise).

IT IS DONE. (Miniature at the front for scale.)

::collapses in a heap::

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It occurred to me that I couldn't tell from that security researcher's website whether the hack was persistent or not (i.e. if the Nest loses power, whether or not it the whole boot-it-from-the-Pi-thing-first needed be done).

I emailed him to ask, and it turns out it does have to be done every time the thing restarts. :( I think I'll just give away the hardware to someone else then.

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Current status: Assembling the seemingly endless amounts of terrain from the new Kill Team box.

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It's been a while, I made some more cut rounds today!

British people are like moths to a flame for a good long queue, can put any old shit at the end of it, it doesn't even matter to them

If you're having a tough day, remember a million white people downvoted a kid's movie because an imaginary character has too much melanin.

At the very least, you are not that remotely pathetic.

Yessss, got the Bridge4 configured to control Logic Pro now! So I can start and stop recording, play and pause the existing audio, and switch between and trigger live loops scenes all right from the pedalboard without needing to take my hands off the guitar. 😎

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“What goes up must come down?” For a long time this was true. But times have changed, and we must change with them. Introducing GRAVITY 2,

Our game came out today. It's a massive game for an Australian team, and a massive game for any indie team. We're all really proud of it. It's been 6 years in development.
It's out on consoles 6am local time, and out on PC at 5pm AEST.
Thanks for your support ❤️

The queen is the nation's grandmother, she personally gave birth to all of the boomers here. It was a weird period in British history, but once you understand that part of our history it helps to explain a lot. She's a sort of Queen Xenomorph to us

So Kristina won a Google Nest Hub from her work today. While there is no fucking way I'm plugging it in and letting Google spy on us, there's a security researcher who hacked one of these to boot Ubuntu:

He popped all the code up on GitHub ( so I reckon I'll give that a go!

I'm doing a very overdue `brew upgrade` on my MacBook Pro and had to laugh at this:

==> Upgrading libass
0.15.2 -> 0.16.0

I'm frankly sick of losing so many Black friends I've made in this space to so many of your bullshit. The next instance that comes along had better be welcomed warmly as they deserve. To my Black friends still sticking around: You're hard as fucking nails, honestly

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The fediverse as a whole has massively failed the soon to be closed The very least we can do is to send some money over to Ikora to wish them the best in their future endeavours.
It's a gesture that's coming too late really and I'd much sooner see that a an instance ran by a Black person can survive here after others have ultimately been driven out by the relentless bullshit they've faced in this space, but we should be giving thanks non-the-less:

lewd graffiti 

Glad they clarified, on this graffiti in the women’s bathroom

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