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Beanie is on two different types of anti-anxiety medicine, which thankfully he's very happy to have with a piece of cheese, no questions asked. He knows the sound of the pill box and cutter and the rustle of the plastic around the sliced cheese and normally he'll wander down from wherever he is and come and sit in the kitchen while I prepare it.

Occasionally though, he decides he's going to be extremely creepy and will stare at me with just one eye from around the corner.

There we are, proper DSLR photos taken of the new miniatures (and also the three Death Guard I finished back in March but hadn't actually photographed until now). First eight photos in this album are the new ones:

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And now, I've just hit a 1000-day move streak on my Apple Watch! That's every single full day since I got my Watch at the end of September in 2019 ( 😁

(It's also a thousand fully-closed exercise rings, and will be a thousand fully-closed standing rings in two hours time as well.)

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What a delicious day that was. Mushrooms cooked in sage, rosemary, and garlic with cooked tomatoes on my home-made bread, with sharp cheddar cheese sprinkled on top for lunch, then I made miso chocolate chip cookies this afternoon.

It took far too long, but the first four Scions of my converted all-women Kill Team squad are done! Absolutely stoked with how well they came out, in particular the faces as well as the goggles on the one second from the left.

There was absolutely no drybrushing on these at all, but given how much time drybrushing saves and the fact that I've got another nine of these to paint, I'm definitely going back to drybrushing for the larger areas because I want to actually get the rest of these finished some time in the next five years. 😛

A #timelapse of recent unusual clouds over my neighborhood. These are apparently called mammatus clouds.

Sunset light rendered these unusual clouds with some extra-dramatic color.

So uh, this morning took an interesting turn. This little miss flew into a window and decided to use my head as a perch for a bit while recovering [cn eye contact/selfie video]

I haven't posted this one on my website yet, but I will share it here. Happy Pride Month!

#Art #MastoArt #Pride

POLL for people who had Monday off work. Does this week ~feel~ as long as a normal work week?

Kristina got all dressed up for our dinner and wanted a proper but quick photo taken since she'd put makeup on and everything (quick i.e. not setting up the FULL light stand/flash/umbrella/lightbox setup). I put the flash on the camera and bounced it off the ceiling, and it came out very nicely!

(Image description: a photo of a white woman with short brown hair and green eyes smiling at the camera.)

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Food, meat, alcohol 

We went for our belated fancy anniversary dinner tonight at Meat & Wine Co., the one that was meant to be on our actual wedding anniversary last week but was postponed due to sickness. I got the lamb skewer and chips and followed it up with a Dom Pedro with Kahlua, which is basically just an alcohol thickshake, and it was gooooooood.

Also, there was a McLaren parked in the carpark. 😳

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I bought a dog from a blacksmith last weekend. As soon as I released him in my living room he made a bolt for the door.

It was two years ago today that my guitar arrived!

Pretty happy with how far I've come in that period.

incompetence levels are currently at 38% but fluctuating wildly

(38%) ■■■□□□□□□□

trash cat's law of cryptocurrency: it is impossible to run a scam so obvious that cryptocurrency fans will not fall for it.

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