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If you're still on #BirdSite #BadBird it's worth reading New Twitter Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. From 10 June, no rules against offensive content. You give them royalty-free license to use, publish, & distribute your Content to the rest of the world and to let others do the same. Also ups advertising & may ban adblockers (my reading). New Privacy Policy says it Infers your Identity. They link device used with account & email address or phone number. NB #NZTwits

Oooooh. Cloudflare have announced D1, an SQL database for use with their serverless Workers.

The mine just outside town has ordered half a dozen new dump truck trays (793 Hercules trays, for those playing along at home), apparently all brightly painted.

The one that was delivered this morning is wearing a pride flag. Apparently the delivery was timed to coincide with IDAHOBIT Day next week.

Photo credits Troy Pearson, Jude Keogh. Paywalled story

Not entirely randomly: if you are struggling with any aspect of your identity, whether gender, sexuality, or anything else, feel free to yell at me. I'm not a counselor, or anything like that, I'm just a regular person who WILL NOT JUDGE YOU, willing to listen.

Because you are important.

We were going to go play some X-wing at a friend's place with my new play board, but he wasn't feeling up for it so Kristina and I played some Warhammer Underworlds instead! Aelves versus filthy goatmen, and despite a strong start, it all fell apart at the end for me thanks to some terrible rolling on my part (and some really lucky rolling on Kristina's), and she won 11-9.

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@virtualwolf also, that lap blanket while on the couch thing is a good one. Sort of cements the "I'm sitting down and warm and am not considering moving for a bit"

Oh man, how good is a piping hot shower on a cold rainy night.

A few months back CSIRO’s comms office asked me to do an interview for International Women’s Day, and because I work for Data61 (data science) but with S&A (space science), it disappeared into the pit of red tape.

I was worried my “fix the system, not the women” points were too snippy for their liking, but it turns out they just wanted to make sure my comments about space debris weren’t too doom and gloom. So it finally released yesterday, snippy-ness intact!


I went out to make a cup of tea, came back and turned around the corner to come into the office, and was greeted with this. Just full eye-contact the entire way back to my desk.

If you are new to the fedi and not finding it the community driven space you were made to feel it would be where you can know your mods and the people around you: get off mastodon social or mastodon online.

For a lot of you, one of those will have been your landing point here. They each have an *enormous* number of users and moderation teams that struggles to keep up. They also don't have blocklists that are as complete as others.

Smaller instances are a very different experience to that.

the only NFT I wanna hear about is Nap Fuckin Time

Hell yeah I trade in NFTs

Fyou for
Talking to me about NFTs you pyramid scheme weirdo

every few weeks i remember this image and laugh uncontrollably

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