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Good afternoon! It's capricorn szn so...


My store is open for USA customers who want some Afro-Indigenous Caribbean art!!!

Yeap, PRE-ORDER !!!!

There we go, Christmas avatar and name have been retired for another eleven months.

Selfie, eye contact 

Hahah, the strip lighting on my painting desk makes for a surprisingly decent key light for taking portraits. 😛

I was actually impressed by the Sydney fireworks this year. Normally they're a bit samey, but there were some different and impressive configurations we hadn't seen before, and I liked that they got some (I assume local) electronic artist to do the music for it instead of the usual awful pop songs of the year.

More techno fireworks please.

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We've brushed our teeth and have mostly gotten ready for bed, and have the ABC NYE livestream going on mute while the awful music plays before the actual fireworks happen.


It is 2022 somewhere in the world, so you are allowed to go to bed now no matter what your time zone is.

I've been playing this delightful pixel art game called Kingdom Two Crowns. It's described as "a side-scrolling micro strategy game with a minimalist feel wrapped in a beautiful, modern pixel art aesthetic." The gameplay is quite fun, and the graphics are wonderful.


And now I'm just generally done with doing... anything. I've got a rum Old Fashioned and am sitting down at my computer desk for some well-deserved sitting.

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Food, meat 

Well, unfortunately the pork was mostly a fail. Some parts were really dry and others were okay but tasted like nothing. I've got a list of things to do differently and try next time, so we can only improve from here!

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Food, meat 

Sadly, not having done this before, our timings are apparently way off and it's not going to be done in any reasonable time for dinner. Fortunately we've got a backup plan, pork sausages and mash!

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Food, meat 

We're giving our spot roaster its first go! Starting with a babby pork.

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Continuing with my theme of "productive New Years Eve" (, this time I'm doing some woodworking! Making a second level for my painting table so I've got more room to put my paints, because I'm very much running out of room at this point.

pupdate from the sisters: lula is the sweetest babe and loves to rest her head on things.

And that's the miniatures assembled! (It's getting a bit ridiculous how many unpainted or just undercoated miniatures I have right now).

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New game! Really keen to take this for a spin, it's like Warhammer Underworlds in that it's got a hex-based board you play on, but it's set in the 40K universe and the bulk of the rules are based on the new Kill Team edition that came out earlier this year. It comes with Space Marines and Necrons but has cards for an additional four factions if you've got the miniatures for them (which conveniently I do)!

Philosophers hate him! Local techbro solves ethics with this one weird trick

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