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One issue I didn't foresee with the new monitor is that it's SO wide it catches the glare from the window right next to me. And because it doesn't have the anti-reflective coating that my iMac had, unless I run it at a higher brightness than I'd prefer, I struggle to see the very left side of it when the sun is shining directly in. I ordered a monitor arm so I can play around with the positioning more, and it arrived today. Looks so clean and tidy!

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Was late getting to the office today 'cos I went the wrong way oops... Anyway, who wants to trust me with troubleshooting and repairing some complex computer problems?

Kristina's having one of her extremely rare days in the office today, so instead of snoozing on his blanket in the office like he normally does, Beanie's plastered to the window beside the front door waiting for her to get back.

Since the adverts are on the telly now...

Reminder to give the Salvation Army nothing more than the evil eye and a middle finger. There are better charities out there that don't squander funds on their anti-LGBTQ+ crusade.

Like Shelter, if you're in the UK.

I'm making a steamy dating sim for the original Gameboy, it's called Two Shades of Grey

This machine is ridiculous. I’ve been unplugged for two and a quarter hours now, with the two efficiency cores going almost nonstop with upgrading Xcode, backing up via Time Machine, backing up to Backblaze, and upgrading all the things for Homebrew, and I’m down to… 83% battery. And at no point have I heard the fans, I can't even tell if they're on or not.

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the most damning argument against the skewed priorities of capitalism is how ATM machines are so painstakingly designed to minimize error that accidentally getting an extra twenty with your withdrawal is virtually unheard of, and yet we still apparently cannot design a printer which works more than a third of the time

what the actual dystopian fuck... "work from home" monitoring software: "After verifying their identity, the software judges their level of attention or distraction and kicks them out of their work networks if the system thinks they’re not focused enough."

and of course it doesn't "work as well" for non-white people.

fuck almighty this shit has gotta burn the fuck down.

“Crypto enthusiast” has the same kind of vibe as “colourful racing identity”.

Yiss, another shot from the train station after a successful Mamak trip. (You get a photo of the buildings around the station because I forgot to take a photo of the food).

Weirdly, exactly one year ago today we were ALSO at Mamak.

(I'm aware it came out on the 5th for people that paid for it, but it went live on GamePass today).

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I can't actually _use_ it until the new MacBook Pro arrives though, because I don't have remotely enough space on my desk for my old iMac plus the new display. 😛

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Given the 34" LG monitor I'd been eyeing off was entirely unavailable everywhere, I'd decided to just stick with my iMac-in-Target-Display-Mode setup for when the new MacBook Pro arrives. Unfortunately it turns out that the iMacs with Thunderbolt DO NOT work in TDP with M1 Macs. 😞 So I'd be without a proper desk setup. On a lark over the weekend I decided to check for that monitor again, and lo and behold it was in stock! Ordered one and it just arrived now. 🎉

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I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, you will have no other Gods before me.

You shall not nest lists or block items inside table cells.

You shall not make for yourself a table with information that can be a plain list,

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