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I decided to treat myself to an all-day breakfast from our local café. It was, uh, a lot more food than I was expecting it to be.

Just say stuff like "yeah, that does seem pretty fucked mate", and "I appreciate you bought your computer in yesterday but I can't fit the replacement parts for you until they arrive", nobody would notice

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Someone come sit in my office and pretend to be me for a bit while I take a nap please

Australians and NZers: do you buy things from Amazon?


Are you using a screen reader to access Mastodon?

Thoughtworks are currently hiring First Nations software developers for our First Nations Delivery Centre programme. Please pass on to anyone who might be interested.

More cuteness! Mareeba Rock Wallabies. These are fairly small kangaroos (about knee height), very soft, and adorable.

Spotted at Granite Gorge, Mareeba.

#AustralianWildlife #macropod #marsupial #MareebaRockWallaby #photo #nature

While killing time before lunch today in Mareeba we found (and patted!) some Mareeba Rock Wallabies. Big camera shots to come but here are the iPhone shots.
#australianwildlife #marsupial #macropod

Weather toots 

It's PROFOUNDLY glorious right now. Sunny, 23˚C, 27% humidity, the wind is blowing in the exact right direction where we get zero traffic noise, and we've got all the windows open. 👌🏻

@s0 surely not murdering houseguests is the exact behavior we want to see in people, isn't it? 🤔

@ljwrites just saw your display name and have to say it raised several alarming questions which are technically answered by your display name

Somewhere in this apartment is my 10TB “offsite” backup drive and I’ve got to say it’s not going to live up to its name if I can’t find it to take it offsite in the first place

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I would like to amend the truism about backups to “it’s not a real backup until you’ve tried restoring from it, *and actually know where it is*”

Australian petition for Medicare to cover trans surgeries :boost_ok: 

e-Petition EN3307 (for Australian Citizens) asking the federal government to add affirming surgery for trans people to Medicare ends on 27 October 2021. Has 3000 signatures so far.

The petition will ask for a name and email address.

Please boost if Australians follow you!

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