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Evelyn had to get in the chair before someone could sit in it but she fucked it up

North America sort your date format customs out, this is a regular reminder

Today I learnt about for making your own custom push notifications, and it's slick as hell!

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Kristina is having an afternoon snack and Beanie desperately wants some.

lmao (laughing my ass off)
lmao (laughing my ass on)

power cycling my ass

"mutual aid," finance redistribution, if you make over $40k a year and or come from generational wealth you should read this 

I have mixed feelings about this but overall I think this instagram graphic guide on budgeting for solidarity/redistributing funds is good, particularly when they break down the Math of it all

work, job ad 

Adelaide C software engineers, Interested in an embedded firmware job? The place my friend works at is looking for two.

Please boost if you feel so inclined :)

Football's coming home, but that's ok because it's an international sport now, you can totally buy your own football for a kick around too x

We had a Hrothgorn vs. Morgok rematch tonight, and wow did it go differently! My strategy actually worked a treat, and I killed Morgok himself in the first round (he ended up getting very ganged-up on). I only lost Luggit & Thwak, and was able to kill Thugg as well with some clever pushing into lethal hexes and Bushwakka's trap.

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Also this weekend, Kristina trimmed Beanie's ears, and check out how much younger he looks now!

Hell yeah, this weekend's project was recreating my Pi Sensor Reader ( in MicroPython on my shiny new ESP32s! It's done ( and I've currently got it running and posting updates to a copy of my website running on the Mac mini, to test how reliable it is.

i absolutely hate this "well you should join space/project/whatever and help improve it!" reply to any criticism that a lot of leftist spaces and foss project have. what you are telling me is that you do not give a fuck about my however valid criticism. "just fix it yourself" - as if you and your fucking hierarchy would let me, even if i tried.

Sydney COVID 

77 new cases, 33 infectious while in the community. Fuck.

You say "recipe book", I say "sauce code repository"

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