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Lenovo's facial recognition software from 2013 is still installed on one of the repairs I have in at the moment and the webcam is sort of broken so it shrugged and said "you look close enough to the person I'm supposed to let in" and logged in. Cheers, pet

Food, meat 

That was good timing, I'm in the office today to get laksa with the team and one of our new starters, and this message was posted in our -food-alerts channel. Then about ten minutes later the slider was delivered right to my desk!

Woot, replacement power supply arrived for my old Power Mac G4! Now I just need to get a molex extension cable so I can swap the pins around on it rather than directly on the new PSU so it fits what the G4 uses.

There we go, I'm seriously stoked with this shot. I love that the moon was dim enough that you can see the stars as well!

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I thought it would be good to give the computers at work themed names, so I picked asteroids.

What I didn't bargain on is that once all the cool names like Eros and Vesta are taken, you're down to weird ones like Phaethon and Charybdis and Mathilde and Wilson-Harrington, and a real barrier for the user is that when I ask them to read out the name of the computer name I've stuck on the box, there's silence as the user encounters this bizarre word they've never seen before.

Uh-oh! My electric screwdriver has ran out of battery, this is not a drill! (It's a screwdriver)

Current status: waiting for the train after yet another successful Mamak trip, aw yiss.

Boomer death cult is my new thrash metal band name

We had our regular fortnightly visit from @wobin today, and played Munchkin and an interesting game called "Mysterium".

It's incredible how much better Beanie is getting, it wasn't even five minutes of barking before he'd settled down, and the barking he WAS doing was just "Ahhh I'm excited!" rather than "OH GOD I'M FRIGHTENED OF THIS PERSON!". Next time we're going to go down to 1 pill and see how he goes. 🤞🏻

my friend who teaches kids, just schooled me on tentacles vs arms

I arranged Beanie's blankets in his bed all nicely, then he had to pull them apart and do this.

Had another four-player game of Warhammer Underworlds today! I played Hrothgorn's Mantrappers for the first time and won with them. Though next time we're going to do two 1v1 games, because a four-player game with three people who aren't experts takes a while, haha.

Well, they might be turning all the farms around here into houses, but there's still some sheep around!

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