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Sydney weather toots 

Sweet jesus, this breeze and this sunshine and this temperature. 👌🏻

Woohoo, my new guitar input arrived! I took it for a quick spin and the sound quality is noticeably improved over the old one, everything sounds crisper and clearer (old was 16-bit/44.1KHz, new one is 24-bit/96KHz).

This was paid for by selling some of that funny money that Keybase gave everyone a few years back, turns out it's actually worth something now!

I doubt we're in any danger of the house being flooded, didn't want to be potentially cut off with no power though!

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We're currently at my parents' place on the Northern Beaches because there was an SES flood evacuation warning late last night that said we might need to evacuate before 3am. We figured we'd get ahead and just leave and get a decent-ish sleep rather than waiting and worrying. Unsurprisingly Beanie has taken this turn of events in stride and is currently resting under their dining table.

I'm not sure how I feel about the Wurmspat's current deck, I think I want to make it a bit more mobile and combat-focused.

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We played another game of Warhammer Underworlds tonight, the vile Wurmspat versus Myari's Purifiers. I was coming first right up until the very last end phase, then Kristina scored two objectives to put her ahead by ONE glory, and she'd killed one of my fighters thus rendering six additional glory out of reach for me!

And that's Morgok's Krusha's done! Proper DSLR photos will be coming on Wednesday once it's not actively raining so I can varnish them.

it's like the old saying goes: "if you lie down with a dog, you get to be cuddled by a dog, which actually rules"


Well, the temperature might not be quite right (it's 20˚C outside), but I think two days of unceasing dark and raininess qualifies for good porridge weather.

I know the bases of miniatures aren't the most exciting things, but I'm seriously stoked with how these came out and wanted to photograph them separately before the miniatures themselves are glued on. I immediately thought of snow and ice when I saw the bases, rather than dirt and rubble, and it's excellent to have something a bit different! (The feet are molded to the bases if you're wondering).

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Lily is UTTERLY obsessed with the Dragon Age games, and is also quite the budding artist. She, Kristina, and I all sat down at the table tonight and drew some characters from the game. Compare Lily's to mine. 😂 Mine on the left, hers on the right. (Her rendition of Iron Bull is missing because we can't actually work out what happened to it, the drawing has just... vanished, but I was quite pleased with mine).

@hugh to be fair with node.js that probably just means it's over an hour old. and half the time "deprecated" actually means "stable"

Installing Ex Libris cloud app CLI with node. This looks promising.

My creative refresh day was a success! I always forget how much slower it is painting with regular paints as opposed to the Contrast ones though... the brown metallic-looking bits are the same darker silver underneath, I started at 9am and it look me until about 2:45pm to finish doing just those silver bits. All the rest of the colours were done from then until I finished at 5:30pm! I'll finish them off over the weekend.

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Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

“Debugging is the subtle art of reconciling what you think you asked a computer to do with what you actually asked a computer to do.”


There cannot BE a better definition.

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