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Puppy interferes with Fetch but The Cone of Shame does not.

Tonight Kristina and I played Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave again, this time with fully painted miniatures (🎉), and GOD DAMN it was a close game! She was smashing me by the middle of the 2nd round, my leader was out of action as were two others and I only had two left. I managed to pull off a win though, by one single glory point. Champion of the match goes to Karthaen who was upgraded to be an absolute BEAST.

Remember when I said I was reclaiming the meaning of Ubuntu from white software dudes? Here’s the article I mentioned about Ubuntu. This site has a lot of reading material that I found validating and helpful. I will be following up with them to see ways we can support them financially but I do see they offer book cover design if anyone would like to support them with that.

Bam, that's Gashrak Fellhoof done. Really happy with how he turned out, I've been experimenting with getting the best colours for drybrushing and actually ended up using Cadian Fleshtone for the highlight colour on his fur and his red top and hood. I just need to add glossy varnish to the blood on his knife so it looks wet!

Boost This Picture of Xena and Seven of Nine to raise awareness of the Nineties

I can quit any time I want to. ::twitch::

(In my defence, Kristina wholeheartedly encouraged me to get this because she wants to play as the Aelves).

@bgcarlisle If it's okay to add on with Black artists and creators?

@CaribenxMarciaX , an Afro-Caribbean Indigenous artist and scholar. Their subscription information is here:

@Leelums , an incredibly talented artist and illustrator and they have a currently open GoFundMe for medical needs.

Are0h, the admin of PlayVicious which ultimately got harassed off the fedi, is building his own social media platform.

Nerds: lol humanities what would you want to waste your time with non-STEM. Anyone can write

Also nerds: here's a contextless dot point list of options in lieu of documentation

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a special virtue that free software has is that 'the manual' is document least likely to be able to inform you on how the tool works

Woohoo, I've finished the Kurnothi from the Beastgrave box! Just two more from Gashrak's Despoilers and that'll be the whole box done.

Hey yall!
Guess what! I started a patreon page!

Over the next few months, I'm going to be working on a 2D hand animated short to submit to festivals. I will be posting updates on how that's going weekly, along with my other creations!

As a patron you'd see unique illustrations, sketches, & content and you also get goodies too! If you want to support a black artist and join me for an inside look on my art journey, come check it out! 🖤

Some of the hardest thing to say is "I was wrong" or "you're right". Especially in a hardpressed situation.

That's why you can practice it in situations with lower stakes, and then eventually it'll be easier to say even in the most virulent of situations.

You'll thank me later.

I'm trying to paint but Beanie is very nervous about the thunderstorm that's rumbling around nearby.

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