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Meat smoking 

Another meat smoking success! This one was possibly even better than the first because I was more careful about the placement of the wood chunks.

It's also a FUCK of a lot of food, we're getting six dinners for the two us out of this (that is, twelve individual servings). It was 2.9kg but didn't have a fat cap that we wouldn't eat adding to the weight.

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my favorite responses to this are the whiny little rots who whine about how they need their racist friend for whatever reason. like dang i'm sorry, i didnt mean to come for your emotional support racist. seems like you could maybe do better.

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i'm exhausted. i have nothing to add to the noise except that i'm retracting every ounce of sympathy i may have ever had for white americans.

black and indigenous folk have been warning y'all about this for decades and yet so many of y'all are :pika_surprise: that the alt right would be brazen enough to *checks notes* act on the exact thing they've been threatening since non-white people started to get rights.

but fucking here we are on the fedi, still squabbling about ancient discourse because the White So I'm Right crowd cant just listen to a brown person that knows what theyre talking about. in fact, a great big chunk of y'all either participated in harassing the Black folk off this platform, or stood around idly and let your friends do it because you're too much a fucking coward to stand up in a way that matters.

before i turn into full cat loaf, please remember there's no shame in disconnecting from the news if you are in a safe position to do so. have a designated friend or source to update you without being overwhelmed.

Meat smoking 

It's meat-smokin' time again! This time we've got a 2.9kg pork collar butt from Costco, very curious to see how much the cooking time differs from the previous one.

Downside of all of this is that I smell of wood smoke already.

Ah crap, I rejiggered my albums to separate out the painted-by-me stuff versus the already-came-painted stuff (mostly X-wing), and that link in the previous toot is now wrong the latter. The actual stuff I've painted is now at

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@virtualwolf when I saw "poxwalkers" I thought it was a new term for people going out without a mask on.

I've taken proper photos of the poxwalkers now, plus another of one of my old Imperial Guardsmen that I repainted in a new colour scheme!

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Good morning

PV did not shut down because of group infighting. Anyone saying that is trying to deflect away from the same spicy whites that have been the main problem for a year that have yet to deal w being what they are: Colorist and antiblack.

The same PV crew from before is still chillen together, just elsewhere.

reboost this, ta


[ID: me, mads, holding a giant 3 foot tall box grater at homegoods. It costs $100 dollars and idk what it's for]

Does Regenerative Agriculture Have a Race Problem? (yes. The answer is yes, of course it bloody does)

BIPOC farmers and advocates say the latest trend in agriculture is built on an age-old pattern of cultural theft and appropriation.

#Agriculture #Food #Racism #IndigenousKnowledge

And in the total opposite of American muscle cars, I've also done up a 1958 Morris Minor 1000. It weighs 680kg and puts out 171kW and 320Nm. 😂 I thought the setting for this screenshot was quintessentially British too: a beach with those little beach houses in the background, but it's overcast and feels like it's about to rain.

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Still having way too much fun hotting up old muscle cars in Forza Horizon 4. My latest is a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, also made over in the Mad Max style (and like the Falcon GT-HO, I've managed to make it handle pretty nicely too).

Feeling angry that I only learned about the land mullet today and why isn’t it our national lizard

re: Warhammer 40K, more gross Nurgle miniatures 

BOOM, Poxwalkers are done! (Bar the varnishing anyway, which it's too hot to do right now). Super-happy with how these came out.

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Christian occultists 🤝 Electricians

Greek letters representing relationships

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I cannot be convinced that an electrical multimeter isn’t an occult divining tool. Circles. Symbols. Binary division of all matter into positive and negative. Arbitrary numbers. The thing is black sorcery


Just found a mosquito the size of a bloody bus in the bathroom. It was so loud it sounded like someone playing a kazoo tunelessly outside the window. What the fuck. If this is the 2021 expansion pack to 2020 I would like to UNSUBSCRIBE

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