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I'm having serious World of Warcraft expansion launch feels here!

(Also I didn't want to sell it with it being that noisy).

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This is a photo of an Xbox One that's had a full teardown and thermal paste replacement, and it was a smashing success. \o/ I think the last time I applied thermal paste to anything would have been something like 15 years ago. The fans were getting really noisy when doing 4K/HDR gaming and given we're getting the new Xbox Series X tomorrow, I figured I'd fix it now and in the worst case scenario that I broke it, I wouldn't be without an Xbox for long. :P

Can you tell that Beanie was just rolling around on the ground?

Current status: Learning the opening riff to The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army. 🤘🏻🎸


Fuck. Yes.

It's been seriously years since we've been to Mamak, and it's still damn excellent. I really wanted to finish off with a roti tisu but I eat way less these days than I used to, and there's no way I have enough room.

Making the most excellent decision to take the Metro to Chatswood to have Mamak for dinner.

With Kristina's newfound love of cricket, we bought a $15 plastic cricket set from K-Mart and went over to the park to smash it around. So much fun! 🏏

Unfortunately I _did_ manage to smack one ball right back at her at a significant speed and it got her right in the stomach. Even left a red mark too, oops. 😬

And as is tradition after having Black Bear Barbecue for lunch, the double-length workout! 💪🏻

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Throw away the idea that good people don't have racist and antisemitic preconceptions. Saying "I'm not racist!" is a little like saying "I don't have air in my lungs." Racism is in the air we breathe. The morality doesn't come into whether we were indoctrinated with racist ideas or not, because we are and it's not a matter of choice. The morality is in how we deal with our indoctrination. Do we deny it and double down to become complicit, or face it and dismantle it?

We live with racist ideas and we will die with them. But we can try to do better instead of clinging to the idea that we are Good People who do not need to learn or change. That's just bullshit.

Food, meat 

We were going to meet up with a friend from work at Black Bear Barbecue, but his kid was sent home from school with a cough so they're getting COVID tested to be sure. Didn't stop us from going anyway, haha.

American politics meme from my Italian client’s Slack (the @bear folks). 😄

Reading popular history about something I’m not familiar with: wow, cool, I never knew that

Reading popular history about something I *am* familiar with: wow, this is, in fact, wrong

Uh wow, colour me impressed... yesterday afternoon I ordered some thermal paste from AusPCMarket and the basic electronics repair kit (screwdrivers, tweezers, spudger, etc.) from iFixit, and they're both arriving today. O_o

Hah this is awesome! The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released the Pi 400, which is a slightly faster Raspberry Pi 4 _in_ a keyboard! I don't think I have any particular use for one, but I want it anyway.

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