Stop making white people the main character in supernatural/fantasy shows. "My people have been protecting this land from evil-" bitch your people have //been// the evil fuck outta here

@ThermiteBeGiants @mike @dadegroot FireWire was fantastic, I've still got a handful of old external hard drive cases with FireWire ports on them floating out the back (both 400 and 800).

I've forever got everyone beat on terrifyingly monstrous pumpkin carvings sorry

@mike I gave my original one to my sister when I upgraded to one of the newer ones, and she destroyed it. :(

Daaaamn, it was _twenty_ years ago today that the original iPod first launched. 😮

I remember spending eight hundred and ninety-five of my hard-earned dollarydoos on one when I was working at Maccas for listening to music while commuting on the bus, and it was worth every cent.


@emmadavidson 🎉🎉🎉

We're going out for Greek on Tuesday, very excited.

grump, uspol mention 

@oya Ughhhhhhh. :( ::hugs::

We had a visit from @wobin today! 😮 Beanie definitely remembered him, though we gave him a full dose of the calming medicine and he was still barky to start with but calmed down faster than we expected.

Played another game of Warhammer Underworlds which was a very low-scoring game, mostly because nobody was able to kill each other because both people kept rolling crits on the attack but then also getting them on defense.

Oh man, I used our new electric lawn mower and whippersnipper today and it was an absolute DELIGHT. No fucking around with the stupid starter cord on the mower and it cuts so nicely. The whippersnipper has tons of power as well and lengthening the line is gloriously easy.

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