@Shrigglepuss Ahaha oh man I don't even remember the last time I heard the phrase "wet willy".

New exchange rate just dropped: 1 GBP is now worth 1 flick to the nose, if it falls any lower there's concern that it may be as valuable as a wet willy before the week is over

Food, meat 

We had a paid-for-by-work lunch at this restaurant in Surry Hills called Chin Chin, and oh my god it was AMAZING. We got the set menu because there were nine of us, and it was all dishes to share. I missed taking a photo of one of the dishes (the fried squid with nahn jim), but the absolute highlight was the hot and sour brussels sprouts with mint and red chilli, holy shit they were incredible.

@Shrigglepuss Haha probably excellent to save your eyes too then.

@Shrigglepuss Oh man, LED lights for the absolute win. We had LED downlights put in in the lounge room/dining room/kitchen area (it's all open plan) a few years back, and it's SO much brighter and nicer now.

We've got a thunderstorm and also hail happening right now, and Beanie does NOT like it.

who called it white nonsense and not 

@ljwrites ::applause::

@stibbons Oh man. It's currently 22˚ and 39% humidity here, and mostly sunny despite all the clouds lurking around.

I might be overthinking this. (Though to be fair I've never used anything but Vallejo's black and white primer paints so I had no idea what the new ones would look like.)

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@maize God DAMN you always have the most amazing food!!

In the office for Kill Team tonight! I didn't actually play this game, merely spectated, but it was using the new Into The Dark terrain and missions that were released recently, and it's pretty excellent.

@s0 @futzle Seconded, hopefully I'll actually make it this time. 😁

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