@futzle "blöggen" 😂 I'm totally stealing that!

(Also holy crap that looks amazing).

Melbourne weather 

@futzle Yup, it's 30.8˚ here right now, but also 74% humidity. D:

@dredmorbius Yeah I agree with the lack of good Unix environment, that would be absolutely KILLER! It's one of the other things I forgot to mention in my "Couldn't replace" bit. I use Safari on both Mac and iPad, and the ad-blocker 1Blocker works an absolute treat on them.

But yeah, I don't think of using my iPad as a computer replacement, just a replace-some-tasks-I'd-normally-do-on-a-computer. For your uses I can totally see how it wouldn't work. :)

I've taken proper photos of the guardsmen now too. Look closely, I even did their eyes AND the pupils! flickr.com/photos/virtualwolf/ (First five photos in that album).

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@dredmorbius It's nice and compact to sit on the lounge open beside me when I'm playing Xbox or watching TV as well. However, it also can't replace the computer (currently 2013 27" iMac, to be replaced with an ARM 16" MacBook Pro when they're out) for a number of things... in particular coding, or doing anything where having multiple overlapping windows is needed. Sometimes I just need a big screen. :)

@dredmorbius Everyone is different, there's no "This is the one true answer" IMO. I've got an 11" iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard case (the one with the keyboard + trackpad) and I bloody love it. I play my guitar on it, edit photos with Lightroom and the Apple Pencil, catch up on social media and forums, chat with friends with iMessage and Signal. I'd never entirely ditch my computer for it, but it's replaced a LOT of regular computer use.

@stibbons Heh, our house had an electronic lock on the front door when we bought it. One of the first things we did was to get a locksmith in to rip that out and put a regular deadbolt in instead.

if you've spent any length of time on the fediverse and value anti-racism, community building, decoloniality, challenging oppressive cultural norms, and generally making spaces safe for vulnerable folks, then you've benefited from the work that @CaribenxMarciaX has done here

if you can afford a few quid each month, i highly recommend subscribing to show your appreciation and help them continue their work (and you get top content and updates straight into your mailbox!): artistmarciax.com/subscription

I was batch-painting ten Astra Militarum guardsmen and it was getting a bit tedious and I wasn't feeling like I was making any progress, so I chopped it down to just the six I need for my squad. Feeling much better now, they're coming along excellently!

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