It was spooky ladies versus murder ladies tonight! Unfortunately the murder ladies are now two losses out of two games played. Partially my fault again, they require a lot more careful play than some of the other warbands, and I screwed up placing the objective tokens. Kristina had some very tricksy plays too though, which screwed me over at a couple of points!

I was having a bit of a struggle with my new drybrushes, you can't tell too much from my previous photos of Lady Harrow's Mournflight, but I couldn't get the drybrushing to come out properly all the time, it kept globbing and looking like crap. I decided to carefully watch Artis Opus' tutorial video and do some experimenting and, counterintuitively, it turns out I was actually taking TOO MUCH paint off the brush! Check out this lovely gradient I did tonight.

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I present to you tonight's entry in "How the hell is that comfortable".

I am currently waiting for a train, to go into the office for the first time in over a year! (I actually have a dental checkup and my dentist is in the city, so it's easier to just do this rather than going all the way to the city and back out. Also, I'm going for laksa with coworkers at lunch, aw yiss).

Another game of Warhammer Underworlds tonight! I played my murder-ladies for the first time (Morgwaeth's Blade-coven) and sadly didn't win. I can definitely see the potential though, and there were some very unlucky dice rolls at a few critical points. They're pretty sneaky as befits aelves, keen to play a few more games with them.

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We took full advantage of the NSW Government's "Dine and Discover" scheme where everyone gets two $25 vouchers for eating out and two $25 for visiting museums or seeing movies or whatever. Aw yiss. Even better it was Schnitty Wednesday at the Bavarian ($10 schnitzels) so two schnitzels plus a cider cost us the princely sum of $7.50.

YES! My first set of properly-fancy brushes. Very excited to take them for a spin.


It's that time again!

I definitely want to try brisket next time, but I was talking to the friend of mine who introduced us to smoking meats in the first place and given it takes like 12 hours, I think I'll be smoking it with the expectation that we won't be having it for dinner that night. No way in hell am I getting up at like 6am to get it started. :P

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Yasssss, Black Bear Barbecue time again.

Oh man, I just did my first ever glaze for miniature painting (I thinned out Flesh Tearers Red with Contrast Medium in a 1:8 ratio), and hot damn am I a convert. Look at how rich that red looks now!

Went over to a friend's place for a three-player game of Kill Team! It was Death Watch versus Chaos daemons versus my Astra Militarum. Very happy with how my guardsmen performed, though I didn't win. We called it after the fourth round, and the Death Watch won despite having only one model left. If we'd gone another round, though, the daemons would have overrun EVERYONE and definitely won.

Woohoo, my new guitar input arrived! I took it for a quick spin and the sound quality is noticeably improved over the old one, everything sounds crisper and clearer (old was 16-bit/44.1KHz, new one is 24-bit/96KHz).

This was paid for by selling some of that funny money that Keybase gave everyone a few years back, turns out it's actually worth something now!

We're currently at my parents' place on the Northern Beaches because there was an SES flood evacuation warning late last night that said we might need to evacuate before 3am. We figured we'd get ahead and just leave and get a decent-ish sleep rather than waiting and worrying. Unsurprisingly Beanie has taken this turn of events in stride and is currently resting under their dining table.

We played another game of Warhammer Underworlds tonight, the vile Wurmspat versus Myari's Purifiers. I was coming first right up until the very last end phase, then Kristina scored two objectives to put her ahead by ONE glory, and she'd killed one of my fighters thus rendering six additional glory out of reach for me!

And that's Morgok's Krusha's done! Proper DSLR photos will be coming on Wednesday once it's not actively raining so I can varnish them.


Well, the temperature might not be quite right (it's 20˚C outside), but I think two days of unceasing dark and raininess qualifies for good porridge weather.

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