Fuck yesssssss, this is my work calendar for the next month.

I have of course updated my little Pi display to pull data from the Powerwall, and added the battery charge percentage and whether it's charging or discharging. 😎

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It's all happening today, we're taking advantage of the fact that Beanie is over at my parents' place to get the ceiling insulation redone as well. (The people that put the ducted aircon in that was put in before we bought the place had just pulled the existing insulation back in places and not replaced it).

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Exactly one year to the day after we got downlights installed in the lounge room and kitchen (virtualwolf.org/media/posts/14), we've had them installed in the office! It looks so much nicer and brighter now.


Oh man, we went to Dan Murphy's tonight to restock and came across this. It's SO GOOD!

Hell yeah, upside to this cold miserable rainy weather is that it's perfect for a nice mug of hot chocolate.

Today last year it was 36°C. Right now I have ugg boots and a jumper on!

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Fuck yeah, went to The Bavarian at Rouse Hill for dinner tonight. Always so damn good.

The ordering and payment was really interesting, there was a QR code to scan that took you to a website where you selected what you wanted from the menu, and the site offered Apple Pay so it was absolutely frictionless. Didn't even need the waitress to come over for anything but delivering the food.

Got a 2TB external SSD on super-special, to store Xbox games on, and MAN it's small!

Beanie got distracted mid-roll and was lying like this for a good thirty seconds.

In amongst the stuff I picked up today was my delivery from Games Workshop that they somehow managed to send to the office despite my home address being the one on the order. Two more Kill Team squads coming right up!

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Doing some mucking around with Lightroom's new Colour Grading functionality. Related, this is a delightfully empty train.

::track inspecting intensifies::

(We're finally going into the office to pick up all the various packages that have been sitting there since March when the office closed and everyone started working from home full time).

That was quite the eventful trip to pick Lily up. On the way there we came across a chromed green Lamborghini, and on the way back they were doing hazard reduction burns right on the side of the road!

I'm suddenly realising why guitar picks come in bulk packs. I was wondering why my picking wasn't sounding quite right, then noticed how much had been worn off the point of the one I've been using since I got the guitar a few months ago!

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