Oh man, Kristina made sausage rolls from scratch tonight, TOTALLY winged the seasoning, and I'd rank them in the top three of best sausage rolls I've ever had.


I promise I'm not just copy/pasting the same image every time. 😅

Today's attempted coffee art ended up being an exclamation mark.

I had totally forgotten about my gaiwan and fancy Chinese tea, so I decided to make some. So tasty.

Eye contact, kind of. 

So at work there's this tradition where when you hit ten years of service, you get a bobblehead. There's two made, one is sent to you and the other is put into the pool room (yes we have a pool room in the office). My ten years was in April and everything was delayed by COVID, but my bobblehead arrived today!


Aww yeahhh. My tomato and mushroom lunches have been getting steadily better... I started cooking the mushrooms just in sage, then recently added rosemary, and now have added fresh garlic as well, and HOT DAMN. (We don't normally have garlic in the house because Kristina can't eat it, but I had some left over from our make-laksa team event a few weeks ago).


Made another batch of Anzac biscuits with Lily!


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