We had a visit from @wobin today! 😮 Beanie definitely remembered him, though we gave him a full dose of the calming medicine and he was still barky to start with but calmed down faster than we expected.

Played another game of Warhammer Underworlds which was a very low-scoring game, mostly because nobody was able to kill each other because both people kept rolling crits on the attack but then also getting them on defense.

Oh man, I used our new electric lawn mower and whippersnipper today and it was an absolute DELIGHT. No fucking around with the stupid starter cord on the mower and it cuts so nicely. The whippersnipper has tons of power as well and lengthening the line is gloriously easy.

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Woohoo, my fancy espresso scales arrived! (I mean, you can obviously use them for more than just espresso, which we'll be doing).

Happy New MacBook Pro Day! 🎉 This will be a worthy upgrade from my Late 2013 27" iMac. Now I just need to find a decent high-DPI external display...

Selfie, eye contact 

Holy shiiiiit we're actually visiting friends!

Food, meat 

Aw yeah, using our barbecue for the first time in probably six months. Chicken that's been marinated in miso, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, and sesame oil. We had it with rice and green beans and it was bloody delicious.

I haven't been posting much about it, but my guitar learning is coming along pretty well! This is the riff from Judas Priest's "Breaking the Law". (I should clarify that this is the entirety of what I know from that song).

Yesss, it's again time for Destiny 2's Halloween event, "The Festival of the Lost".


Kristina bought me a set of ice cube trays that make REALLY BIG ice cubes, so I'm having a rum Old Fashioned with one and it's excellent.

That was an excellent last mental-health-Friday off. Got all the new garden equipment (sans mower) mounted tidily on the wall in the garage, and also put in a bunch of new hooks in on the other side to similarly neaten up the stuff that was hanging there.

I also took the opportunity to take the new blower for a spin to clean the floor of the garage out a bit. It's got a "Turbo" button, and HOO BOY am I glad I had the arm strap attached because it was actively pushing backwards against me!

REALLY hoping we don't end up with smashed solar panels after this storm...

We've also gone whole-hog and replaced ALL of our outdoor gardening equipment with battery-powered stuff from a company called EGO. It's apparently extremely well-regarded and is as good as petrol so I'm keen to see how it goes.

I'm excited to see what interesting things I can do with these little basing grass tufts and the "muddy ground" texture! Got a few ideas already, and definitely no lack of miniatures on which to use them. And I decided to pick up the Grymwatch having seen someone do a WAY cooler paint job with them than the standard one.

This is the most people I've seen in a spontaneous Destiny 2 dance party!

Kristina and I went out to the shops together for the first time in over three months! 😮 Such a little thing but we both missed doing the shopping together.


I decided to treat myself to an all-day breakfast from our local café. It was, uh, a lot more food than I was expecting it to be.


Ok, that's it, I can no longer move from this spot tonight.

Weather toots 

We were just down at Kia picking the car up from being serviced. It was seriously apocalyptic on the drive back, but fortunately the torrential rain held off until we were about 90% home!

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