I was batch-painting ten Astra Militarum guardsmen and it was getting a bit tedious and I wasn't feeling like I was making any progress, so I chopped it down to just the six I need for my squad. Feeling much better now, they're coming along excellently!

Beanie's new favourite place to sit is the bottom shelf on our side table.


And as is traditional after eating too much Black Bear Barbecue, no dinner and a double-length workout on the elliptical. 💪🏻

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Food, meat 

Treating myself for lunch today.

In related news, I really need to stop getting so much food, it keeps being more than I realise. I'm SO FULL right now.

Huzzah, that's the last bits of my Astra Militarum squad! I also bought some teeensy little magnets and am going to try magnetising the arms so I can swap guns.

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And Lily's Skaven is all done! Pretty impressed tbh, way better than my efforts at the same age.

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Warhammer 40K, yet more gross Nurgle miniatures 

Man, the details on these Plague Marines are absolutely crazy!

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Lily is painting one of the multitude of Skaven from the old Warhammer core set I got as a birthday present MANY years ago and never actually played! (I haven't even taken most of the High Elves off the sprues).

Warhammer 40K, alcohol 

Current status: alcohol, fiddly plastic bits, and sharp cutting things. What could go wrong?

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As if I didn't have enough unpainted miniatures already, my box of seven Plague Marines arrived today!

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Meat smoking 

Another meat smoking success! This one was possibly even better than the first because I was more careful about the placement of the wood chunks.

It's also a FUCK of a lot of food, we're getting six dinners for the two us out of this (that is, twelve individual servings). It was 2.9kg but didn't have a fat cap that we wouldn't eat adding to the weight.

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Meat smoking 

It's meat-smokin' time again! This time we've got a 2.9kg pork collar butt from Costco, very curious to see how much the cooking time differs from the previous one.

Downside of all of this is that I smell of wood smoke already.

And in the total opposite of American muscle cars, I've also done up a 1958 Morris Minor 1000. It weighs 680kg and puts out 171kW and 320Nm. 😂 I thought the setting for this screenshot was quintessentially British too: a beach with those little beach houses in the background, but it's overcast and feels like it's about to rain.

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Still having way too much fun hotting up old muscle cars in Forza Horizon 4. My latest is a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, also made over in the Mad Max style (and like the Falcon GT-HO, I've managed to make it handle pretty nicely too).

re: Warhammer 40K, more gross Nurgle miniatures 

BOOM, Poxwalkers are done! (Bar the varnishing anyway, which it's too hot to do right now). Super-happy with how these came out.

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