I made gluten-free brownies for Kristina's birthday! It's a new recipe we haven't tried before so it's possible it'll be awful, but we'll find out this afternoon when we have it.


Then we went to Featherdale and saw animals! We brought the DSLR and took lots of photos, I'll link them once I've processed and uploaded them.


Update: the brownies were EXCELLENT. You couldn't tell they were gluten-free! They were maybe a little bit too sweet, next time we'll tone down the sugar a touch (and the original recipe said to put icing on top of them, which would have made them INEDIBLE), but overall I'm thoroughly impressed. They were all fudgy and chewy exactly as a brownie should be.

Proper DSLR photos from Featherdale are up!

(Image descriptions: photos of wombats, koalas, goats, various birds, a pony, some penguins, a dingo, a frill-necked lizard, and a bilby.)

After Featherdale, we went into the city for dinner at a Chinese restaurant called "Lotus". It was definitely tasty, but WAY overpriced, next time we'd just as soon go to Chatswood and get the same food for about a third to half the price.

After that we did a brief wander around Barangaroo, and while this photo isn't the world's best quality (it wasn't even night mode, just the ultra-wide angle lens on my iPhone so it struggled a bit with the low light), I REALLY love the feel of it. Gives me very Bladerunner-esque vibes.

@virtualwolf not trying to provoke more meta-attacks… so hopefully nobody will be upset by this. Are you aware of the violent anti-blak nature of that site and it’s name? Based on your commentary, I assume no so just shouting out to let you know. Search for “Barangaroo curse” (which even the name is spelled slightly wrong in the usual coloniser way) just fyi.

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