“Anti-oppressive” “friend” 

Said to me, black femme on Juneteenth when I said I was sad and crying she forgot Juneteenth and reminded her she hurt me often:

“This has changed now from repairing a situation where I hurt you to something where we have both hurt each other, and engaging in a mutual repair process is terrifying for me. I need time to get myself ready for that. At this point I can’t even go into details yet about the ways I am hurt.”

She took the time to surprise block me…

“Anti-oppressive” “friend” 

She took the time to surprise block me by sending me a whole book of complaints about idk what I just deleted it. But she sent me that all after saying that talking in writing wasn’t safe for her.

And all of this because she misunderstood what I said when I tried to tell her I was hurt. Wow.

“Anti-oppressive” “friend” 

So… she has been straight up violent towards Black people and that was all fun and games. But now the white lady is hurt. STOP!!! Emergency! :blob_disapproval:


“Anti-oppressive” “friend” 

@creator UGHHHHHH. 😞

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