Mid-week gaming this week was X-wing, which I haven't played since 2016 when we played in the office after work with @oysta (virtualwolf.org/media/posts/35)!

I've got a ton of miniatures but it'd been so long we stripped it back to the bare minimum core set of one X-wing and two TIE Fighters and no upgrades, just to get the hang of things again. We got two games in and both times the Empire won, even though we switched sides. We also had this magnificent moment where the X-wing and one of the TIE Fighters ended up SO CLOSE to touching it was ridiculous. 😂

There's a 2.0 version of X-wing which I'm totally going to pick up, apparently they've streamlined a bunch of stuff and actually moved all the points values off the cards and anywhere that's printed so they can update it as they go to keep power levels in check, and not have sprawling broken things they struggle to control. There was a really interesting interview about everything that's new with one of the co-designers of the game: youtube.com/watch?v=j8Ilk4HYO6

Today I painted up my X-wing board so it looks like it's an actual star field, rather than just being plain black. Pretty stoked with the results!


We were going to go play some X-wing at a friend's place with my new play board, but he wasn't feeling up for it so Kristina and I played some Warhammer Underworlds instead! Aelves versus filthy goatmen, and despite a strong start, it all fell apart at the end for me thanks to some terrible rolling on my part (and some really lucky rolling on Kristina's), and she won 11-9.

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