@mike I think I will be deleting my LinkedIn. I can't think of a genuine benefit it's ever given me.


@s0 @mike It's actually been SUPER helpful for my wife getting jobs. For mine, I haven't logged into it since I started at my current company twelve years ago, and I actually _can't_ get into it anymore because the reset password functionality doesn't work, lol.

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@virtualwolf @s0 every time I hear about sometime saying it's got them a job, I wonder if it's like the story of the magic rock that keeps crocodiles away.

Sure maybe LinkedIn was where you saw a particular job, but would you really not have ended up with it anyway if it wasn't there?

@s0 @virtualwolf all I'm saying is that I've got 100% more jobs via the fedi than via LinkedIn so maybe if people really want to improve their prospects, they need to be here. 😁

@mike @s0 @virtualwolf I have a LinkedIn, my media adviser logs in there occasionally and posts things for me. Although actually I’m gonna log in there right now and post links to a couple of job ads, I’m hiring and the thing closes this week.

@mike @s0 Fair point, but in this case it's less the job itself and more the endorsements/references. :)

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