Woo, the first three members of my all-women Astra Militarum Scions squad are assembled!


There we go, the entire all-women squad of Scions is finished! Super-happy with my conversions here, next stop is to do a full zenithal base coat with the airbrush (full black undercoat followed by white sprayed from the just top 45 degrees or so of the miniature so it's highlighted where light would naturally fall).

I've finished off the test model for my new Scion squad, and I am absolutely STOKED at how well she came out, in particular her face and eyes! She's not FULLY finished yet, I still need to apply varnish and then put the snow sprinkles and winter bushes on the base (oops, and also paint the lens on the thing beside her head which I didn't notice I hadn't painted until I was looking at it just now), but I can't be bothered pulling out the airbrush and setting it up and cleaning it out again for just one single miniature.

I'd signed up to Duncan Rhodes' Painting Academy (duncanrhodes.com) a couple of months ago, the videos are fantastic and clear and extremely well-produced, and I used his technique and colours for the face in particular. It's all of £4/month and there's a ton of videos and more added weekly.

Okay I lied, I COULD be bothered breaking out the airbrush for one single miniature. She's all finished now! Next stop, the other thirteen members of the squad. 😅

Progress has been slow, but I finished the faces of the next four of my squad of Scions tonight and I am pretty damned happy with how good they look!

@virtualwolf I've always wanted to get into miniatures, but after trying the card crack that is Magic The Gathering I'm wary of sinking money into another addiction 🤣 I'm also shit at painting so there's that too

@almightyolive Hahaha. I think miniatures are a BIT more self-correcting because you still need to paint and assemble them. (...he says, with something like ten boxes of unassembled miniatures. >_>)

@virtualwolf My test group of miniatures that I bought for D&D have been an ongoing peoject for 5+ years now, and yet I'm still thinking of buying a 3D printer so I can make my own custom minis... 🤣

Watching other people paint minis is a guilty pleasure of mine, though

@almightyolive Oh man, yeah, 3D printing sounds VERY dangeous tbh. 😂

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