I've been doing a bit of experimentation with my miniature painting! First was finding a good colour scheme for my Tyranids and also using the "Muddy Ground" texture paint and little grass tufts I bought back in October (

The second has been "zenithal highlighting" where you base coat in black and then do a second prime with a lighter colour just from above, where the light would be hitting it. Very pleased with both!

@virtualwolf love it! If your foot soldiers are this nice, your show pieces must be spectacular.

@sconlan Aw thanks! I actually don't have the patience to do show pieces, so this is pretty much my standard for everything right now, haha.

@virtualwolf I had a Warhammer dwarven army in grad school. Painting was a lot of fun. My buddy wasn’t artistic so he chose chaos. While I was doing all kinds of detail work, he was painting everything black and doing a bit of drybrushing. He’d finish three chaos knights for every slayer I painted.

Someone (you?) mentioned a skirmish variant of Warhammer with a lower cost of entry. Made me think about getting back into it🤔

@sconlan Hahaha that's great. And yep, it probably was me. 😁 I'm a fan of Warhammer Underworlds:

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