Happy New MacBook Pro Day! 🎉 This will be a worthy upgrade from my Late 2013 27" iMac. Now I just need to find a decent high-DPI external display...

Given the 34" LG monitor I'd been eyeing off was entirely unavailable everywhere, I'd decided to just stick with my iMac-in-Target-Display-Mode setup for when the new MacBook Pro arrives. Unfortunately it turns out that the iMacs with Thunderbolt DO NOT work in TDP with M1 Macs. 😞 So I'd be without a proper desk setup. On a lark over the weekend I decided to check for that monitor again, and lo and behold it was in stock! Ordered one and it just arrived now. 🎉

I can't actually _use_ it until the new MacBook Pro arrives though, because I don't have remotely enough space on my desk for my old iMac plus the new display. 😛

This machine is ridiculous. I’ve been unplugged for two and a quarter hours now, with the two efficiency cores going almost nonstop with upgrading Xcode, backing up via Time Machine, backing up to Backblaze, and upgrading all the things for Homebrew, and I’m down to… 83% battery. And at no point have I heard the fans, I can't even tell if they're on or not.

One issue I didn't foresee with the new monitor is that it's SO wide it catches the glare from the window right next to me. And because it doesn't have the anti-reflective coating that my iMac had, unless I run it at a higher brightness than I'd prefer, I struggle to see the very left side of it when the sun is shining directly in. I ordered a monitor arm so I can play around with the positioning more, and it arrived today. Looks so clean and tidy!


To properly do this rearranging, though, I've subsequently realised that I ALSO need a laptop stand that can move the laptop higher than my current one, so now I've had to order one of those too, heh.

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