Have you ever used Fastmail? Any thoughts on the service that you would like to share?

@hugo been with them for years, huge fan. Reliable, reasonably priced, saves me a ton of work.

@mike Great to know, thank you so much. Any experience with their support, that's currently my main concern.

@hugo never had to use their support but I know some people personally who have worked there, and I'd be surprised if they're not great.

As a company they seem to be pretty good, I've considered working for them more than once but the right role hasn't ever been advertised heh.

@mike @hugo A longtime friend of mine works there and I’ve had good support from Fastmail staff on the Cyrus mailing list (Cyrus is the IMAP backend they use). I used to self-host, for eight+ years, but I decided to migrate my personal domain to them this year. Great product, well implemented.

If you want a referral code hit one of us up.

@futzle Thank you so much. Sounds good, if you can please do send me the referral code, this way if I decide to go forward I already have a referral code :)

@hugo @futzle @mike going to also jump on the train of saying they’re great. I had to deal with their support when I had some issues with the static web hosting feature and HTTPS, and they were very helpful and quick and didn’t talk down to me like I don’t know tech, like most company’s service reps do — they clearly knew their stuff.


@s0 @hugo @futzle @mike Late to this, but count me as another very happy Fastmail customer!

@virtualwolf I still haven't paid them, so you are still on time :) thank you so much

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