Phew, that was one of the more productive New Year's Eves I've had... just spent the last two and a half hours cleaning and tidying our back room (the separate little structure that's in the back yard, not attached to the house itself).

Warhammer 40K, gross Nurgle miniature 

And now it's time to make use of the newly tidied space to do some miniature painting for the first time in close to a year. Check out this handsome fellow!

re: Warhammer 40K, gross Nurgle miniature 

Have I mentioned how much I love Games Workshop's Contrast paints? With the exception of the metallic bits which are regular metallic paints with Agrax Earthshade over them, the rest of this is entirely a single layer of Contrast paint.

re: Warhammer 40K, gross Nurgle miniature 

And we're done! Super-happy with how this came out. It's not entirely obvious from the photo, but I put glossy varnish on the skin and tentacles so it looks wet and extra gross.

re: Warhammer 40K, less gross of a Nurgle miniature this time 

Plague Marine number two is done! I've got a third one as well, all three are from the "First Strike" mini 40K box set (someone at work bought it for the Space Marines but didn't have need of the Death Guard), but it's just one with a bolter which I've already got plenty of.

I DO have a box of seven more Death Guard on the way though, and they have lots of weapon customisation options. :D

Warhammer 40K, more gross Nurgle miniatures 

Okay, today's project (which I suspect will run into tomorrow) is going to be to get the rest of my Poxwalkers finished.

re: Warhammer 40K, more gross Nurgle miniatures 

BOOM, Poxwalkers are done! (Bar the varnishing anyway, which it's too hot to do right now). Super-happy with how these came out.

I've taken proper photos of the poxwalkers now, plus another of one of my old Imperial Guardsmen that I repainted in a new colour scheme!

Ah crap, I rejiggered my albums to separate out the painted-by-me stuff versus the already-came-painted stuff (mostly X-wing), and that link in the previous toot is now wrong the latter. The actual stuff I've painted is now at


As if I didn't have enough unpainted miniatures already, my box of seven Plague Marines arrived today!

Warhammer 40K, alcohol 

Current status: alcohol, fiddly plastic bits, and sharp cutting things. What could go wrong?

Warhammer 40K, yet more gross Nurgle miniatures 

Man, the details on these Plague Marines are absolutely crazy!

Warhammer 40K, yet more gross Nurgle miniatures 

I've finished one of the three "major" Death Guard miniatures from the Dark Imperium box set, the Noxious Blightbringer. REALLY happy with this one!

Huzzah, that's the last bits of my Astra Militarum squad! I also bought some teeensy little magnets and am going to try magnetising the arms so I can swap guns.

@virtualwolf This is the equivalent of the fibre arts 'yarn stash'. You don't want to run out of stuff to do!

Warhammer 40K, alcohol 

Five bucks says @virtualwolf drinks out of the brush rinse water…

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