I went into the city today to meet up with some work people for a paid-for-by-work lunch. The trains were timed stupidly so I took the 5D4 in and took some photos before lunch!

The place we went to had negronis on the menu, and never having had one before and not paying for it myself, I figured I'd give it a shot.

I'm afraid I did not care for it at all (cc @MattHatton).

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@virtualwolf I am willing to bet it was not good vermouth. You need good vermouth otherwise, yes, very varnish remover areas.

@MattHatton Ahh, hahah. I don't know what one looks for in vermouth, might just steer cleer of those in future I think. (I'm not going to get a whole bottle of it in case I actually intensely dislike even good vermouth).

@virtualwolf haha. Fair enough. As @mike said, they’re not for everyone.

@virtualwolf @MattHatton they are definitely not for everyone, but I'll have theirs if it's going spare ...

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