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I am on a train, for the first time in six months! Dutifully wearing a mask.

...unfortunately it's to go into the city for a doctors appointment and also a dental checkup.

There's so much construction going on at the station, they're building a bunch of shops here now. Six months ago this was a big green field with horses grazing on it.

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I had a bit of an awkward amount of time to kill both before the dentist appointment and between that and the doctor, so I wandered around and took some proper photos: It was really weird seeing the city so empty.

Good news from the dentist, my root canal was fully successful and all the infection has gone, and more good news from the doctor, my blood pressure is much reduced! So I decided to treat myself to Schnitz for lunch, haha.

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After I got home from the city, we left again to drop Beanie off at my parents' place as we're having tradies come tomorrow and Wednesday to fix some bathroom tiles. Mum'd been cleaning out all the stuff under their house, including a bunch of my old things, and found these gems. The left one was done when I was maybe 10, the right one I made for my grandma during my totally-not-ripping-off-Warhammer-40K phase ( when I was 13. 😂

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