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Hi everyone! I've moved over here from, since my enthusiasm far outstripped any sort of actual talent I had, haha.

I live in Western Sydney with my lovely wife Kristina and our half dachshund/half Maltese dog Beanie, and am a hobbyist coder and photographer, Apple enthusiast, and general all-round geek.

I was REALLY deeply asleep when my alarm went off this morning, it's currently 5pm and at no point today have I felt fully awake. :(

We had a bunch of sweetened condensed milk left over from the sweet potato pie Kristina made yesterday when my parents came over, so I made a café bombón with some of and damn is it good! ½ espresso, ½ sweetened condensed milk, then stirred together (and I added ice). 👌🏻

Every train report to the dancefloor, the TECHNO-INSPECTOR is here

Ars Technica has a story about the upcoming Around the World in 80 Days series that stars David Tennant, and in it is a warning: "Spoilers for the 1873 Jules Verne novel below". 😂

Are there any #ActivityPub or #MastoDev people around here who can explain/point to a source in something approximating plain language how the Mastodon remote follow functionality works? The Ruby code is a like trying to read hieroglyphs for me.

Context: I'm interested in whether something similar can be implemented for @bookwyrm, preferably in a software-neutral way (i.e. remote follow from Misskey or Pleroma or Mastodon etc)

Boosts welcome.

Make racists afraid. Don't let people feel comfortable in their bigotry. Use the power of social stigma and disapproval to make it weird and uncomfortable to be racist.

This is... a remarkably concise summary of why most crypto projects are bullshit:

One of many things that continues to boggle my mind is that investors are shoveling millions and millions of dollars into "decentralized finance" projects which can't process more than a dozen transactions per second, when existing financial systems *at a single company* execute literally millions of trades per second at a tiny fraction of the cost. How are DeFi exchanges going to compete?


A friend came across this and recommended it, so I picked up some tonight, and dang is it good!

Creative Commons is now in on the NFT scam. The tech industry has really lost any moral compass it may still have had. (via

@mike I want to use this as a lesson to people who insist on turning everything into an acronym: you can’t control what will use the same acronym in the future.

I particularly want words with past me, who named all our wireless access points wap-* in DNS.

Really annoyed I can no longer abbreviate Wireless Access Point in business communications without checking with HR first.

@pelagikat @s0 @ericireland @matt @stibbons @koosli @virtualwolf bad photo of local laser-eyed brushy
Just remembered Americans have their own marsupials though, so we might have to go a bit more endemic...

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