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Hi everyone! I've moved over here from, since my enthusiasm far outstripped any sort of actual talent I had, haha.

I live in Western Sydney with my lovely wife Kristina and our half dachshund/half Maltese dog Beanie, and am a hobbyist coder and photographer, Apple enthusiast, and general all-round geek.

Turns out walking from home to the station, station to office, office to restaurant then back, then back to the station, then from the station to home is alot of steps when you combine it with 45 minutes on the elliptical afterwards to work off the large amount of food you ate at lunch.

Food, meat 

I'm happy to report that the beef ribs from Hurricane's are still magnificent.

I am in the office today, solely because we're having a paid-for-by-work team lunch at Hurricane's (a steak and ribs place).

Another night of @wobin over for Warhammer Underworlds and dinner and getting Beanie used to having people over, and it was a smashing success. It only took Beanie maybe 15 minutes to calm himself down (we gave him the same amount of calming medicine as last time), and have booked in another night for the same again, so really interested to see how that goes.

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I made chocolate butter cookies! And continued my tradition of fucking up the first batch, this time because I didn't realise they were meant to be rolled into a ball in the palm of your hand. Ah well, won't affect the flavour!

What if... what if your job wasn't an adventure and it was just predictable and sustainable?

I knew about how internal combustion engines worked in terms of the pistons and the crankshaft, but wasn't aware of all of the other details and mechanical precision required for all the other bits! The diagrams are really well done.


Yasssss, going out for Indian tonight for a joint birthday dinner for Lily and me.

We were at Woolies and Great Southern Land came on (, and a) it's now stuck in my head, and b) I wonder how well the movie Young Einstein has aged.

When you're a fast touch typist and you launch the typing train but your fingers are misaligned on the keyboard and you invent a new language

There we are, proper photos taken, and I photographed the Primal Lair terrain as well! (First nine photos in the album).

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can I drink two litres of chocolate milk before midnight?

Finished Ironsoul's Condemnors! I'm stoked with the robes and the bases in particuar, really happy with how they came out. Just need to varnish them tomorrow.

A normal email generated by a normal computer system operating normally.

We’ve had a meeting, and I’m here to tell you: we’ve decided that the dogs have to go.

Image CW: cat eye contact

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