Currently seeing how much I can push my crappy scratch-built-out-of-floorboards-and-photocopiers 3D printer. I'm running out an OpenForge dungeon tile/wall in 30 minutes.
I don't think the jury riggin' can tak it.

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I purchased the domain a year ago to prototype an anti-harassment tool. The tool was shortlived, but would anyone like to grab the domain before it expires and some squatter corp grabs it?

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The Grand Prize winner is the Open Book Feather project, created by Joey Castillo @josecastillo. The Open Book project is an open-hardware device for reading books in all the languages of the world.

Project details >>

Original tweet :

The worst part of waking up to find several hundred Cron Daemon emails in my inbox because some idiot deleted at midnight the script the cron job was pointing to…

… is knowing that the idiot is me.

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Lord Byron used to call William Wordsworth “William Turdsworth”.

TFW it's 11pm and you can crank the volume to the appropriate number because your office is not connected to the rest of the sleeping house.

I managed to get some grapes off of the vines before the birds got to them. The red ones are brilliant.

Anyone want to help me come up with a list of people names?

I'm writing examples for rules, and I'm trying to reword things to be gender neutral. I'd like a list of names that I can use – preferably ones that can work across different languages if the rules are translated. What have you got, toots?

(boosts welcome)

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ISOtopes - isometric sci-fi, cyberpunk, steampunk etc. #pixelart collab by the @pixeljoint community

Info about color palette, creation process and all participants:

It seems more Alien egg than crusty cob, but it smells good.

I might do a little crusty cob while I’m in a bread mood.

I have survived Disney Fifth Element… er, I mean Frozen II.

Crappy song rate seemed to be about 1 every 3 minutes.

breadposting (food) 

“The Minibar is a liquid analyser pedal” (a stomp box that you pour beer into)

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for an unremarkable, humble sea captain just opened a dusty library book and the first page reads "Listen to bread"... in the Twilight Zone.

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It's not perfect, but I finally have enough #OpenForge tiles to make an entire dungeon floor. #DnD #TTRPG #DMLife #3DPrinting

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