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Tonight’s noir is The Strange Woman from 1946, with the wonderful Hedy Lamarr.

Hashtag Frequency-hopping spread spectrum

*waves hello to the fediverse*

*retreats into cave*

til Stan Sulzmann played the sax solo for the old Poirot tv series

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NGC 2024 - the Flame Nebula - is an emission nebula located in the constellation of Orion. It is part of the same nebula that forms the Horsehead nebula. The bright star is Alnitak, the leftmost star in Orion's belt.

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Today is World Wetlands Day.

Wetlands are a vital niche in the environment, with many animals and birds using these areas to survive and flourish.

A prime example of this is the Lara Wetlands near Barcaldine, QLD. These wetlands are situated in Central west Queensland, amongst some pretty dry and arid terrain.

This White-plumed Honeyeater is usually a woodland bird, but they were in abundance at Lara.

#RespectRamsar #WorldWetlandsDay

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I have been reduced to teasing a bot for entertainment

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NGC 3628 is an edge on spiral galaxy located about 35 Mly away in the constellation of Leo. Along with M65 and M66 it is a galaxy of the Leo Triplet.

spider (tiny) photo 

We get these tiny little house spiders around Adelaide. Anyone know what they are?

I’d really love to put the time into designing an entire typeface one day.

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NEW TUESDAYS: My wife, Liz, and I are doing a weekly podcast about worldbuilding, game mastering, fantasy art, and everything tabletop. Check us out on all major podcast platforms or
#podcast #ttrpgs #rpgs #gaming #joestable #worldbuilding

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Hi fediverse - help please
I want to take my wife to a romantic spot just to sit and ponder after a little stroll. She is very weak, enduring a rigorous treatment for cancer. She can’t really eat anything so restaurants / cafes are probably out. I’m in north eastern Perth (bassendean area)
Any suggestions?
(I just took her down to Busselton for the weekend and I ruined it by getting awfully sick myself, so looking at making it up to her more locally)
I’ve little reach here - retoot appreciated

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Stars greater than 8 times the mass of the Sun die spectacularly in a supernova explosion. What's left is a nebula known as a supernova remnant. This is M1 the remnant of a star seen to explode in 1054. As M1 is ~6000ly away, the explosion actually happened 6000 years earlier.

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I've been playing a couple of games on the new Go server that has opened, CGS. Very pretty and modern, with some interesting tools/settings to help new players ... a few startup hic-ups as expected, hopefully they'll be ironed out soon.
My main problem is that it is such a resource hog that my fans are a whirring.
#go #weiqi #baduk

Possibly a daft question, but is there a way in mastodon to add notes to a block?

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