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I'd like some help related to managing Chinwag's web site. I started typing out a brief description of what I wanted, but realised it was getting rambly so it's on the blog instead:

TL;DR: I'm putting jobs off because I can't make web stuff look good and would like help moving from Wordpress to Hugo or similar. Looking to trade sysadmin skills for your aptitude in web things.

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I've been working really hard the past couple of weeks building a new stats system for my web game Improbable Island.

It's a text adventure at, there's a lively roleplaying community, player-owned places (with a programming engine!), hundreds of pages of story and no ads/tracking/nastystuff. We've had problems getting new players 'cause the places we used to advertise are all going offline, so if y'all could help me out with a boost that'd be much appreciated

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i'm retiring an older collaborative project that never quite got off the ground... BUT in doing so we're releasing the tiles we drew for it into the creative commons. 281 free, hand-drawn isometric tiles, to use in your projects:

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Hey, everyone! I just got set up for streaming on Twitch. I'll be doing (one hour per week each) an ongoing game (presently Deep Sky Derelicts), BoardGameArena games, and retro games. Or that's the initial plan, anyway. We'll see what works best! If that sounds like fun for you, you can find me here!

And boosting is cool and stuff, yo. *shyly kicks the dirt a bit*

celebrity death 


Toots Hibbert, Reggae Pioneer Who Infused Genre With Soul, Dead at 77

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You enter a fragrant, grey room. There is a BED by the window. You see a CROSSBOW here, on the floor. There is a SYSADMIN here, praying and holding a CAPPUCCINO.


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Added an E-Book Bundle tracker to The Epubizer site.

You can now see the latest Humble Book Bundles and StoryBundles along with their end dates.

Will add Groupees bundles too when they list another e-book bundle.

You know those cheap smartphones they sell for $50 at woollies? Are any of those rootable and suitable to hand to a kid to use?

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You know what this means, don’t you?

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You know the best thing about fresh lemons? Mixing a very large sidecar.

Note to self: buy more calvados

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🥳 Laravel 8.x has been released! Includes support for Jetstream, job batching, powerful model factories, migration squashing, improved rate limiting, and more! 🥳


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Tonight’s noir is Behind Green Lights. Because there aren’t enough lies happening IRL, obviously.

Антенна к приёмнику подключена, но на высоту не поднята. МШУ отключён. Идёт тестирование сервера.

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