Ack, so I can't link my mygov to my medicare and I have to call them. Which I probably should have done weeks ago.

"All our operators are busy, try again another time"


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we've got a great new idea for a card game; instead of buying booster packs, you buy entire decks! and we can randomly generate those decks with a procgen algorithm!!!

-3 expansions later-

we regret to inform our playerbase that while our latest expansion is ready to go and we have some great new cards to show off we uh, may have, lost the entire algorithm in a ransomware attack

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Was woken at 4am buy a loud pinging alarm sound that I took to be the smoke alarm. Launched myself out of bed, wife opened the bedroom door. Alarm stopped and light poured in, confirming in my mind that the fire was somewhere close.

Ran into the hallway to find the 9yo sitting on the couch with the iPad. There was no fire, but she'd turned on nearly every light in the house.

Still not sure what the alarm like sound was though, maybe a car alarm from the street?

Today as part of the kiddo's remote learning we learned about the Indian Lakh system and how it's different to our place-value system.

I suspect that the teacher didn't actually watch the video that was assigned to the students.

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Honestly I have a few on the backburner and I'm sure they'll be the first cabs off the rank

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Today marks my first day of not being employed in 20 years. It is somewhat disturbing but also full of possibilities.

I'm trying very hard to take at least one day to relax and do nothing, though I suspect that I'll find some sort of project to sink my teeth into too quickly

It's been drizzling for the last 20 mins or so, but it's so light is just refreshing

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Animal eye contact, wide open fields 

The locals are vaguely interested in my presence

It's my first workday off this year, so I'm going for a little bit of a bushwalk (within my radius).

Hope the rain doesn't come while I'm out...

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Would appreciate any signal boost on this. @upwave is a great company to work for, and I *know* AU has good people… but our hiring process in AU isn’t finding them.
RT @freakboy3742
Repeating an earlier call - I'm still looking for a Full stack engineer to come work with me on my team at @upwave - Java/Groovy + React. Remote position for any AU-compatible timezone. Anyone want to come work with a great team?

I think I got my old Logitech trackball around 15+ years ago and its been very good to me (especially given how affordable it was).

But as I will soon be leaving my current job, I needed to use up my rewards points and the old trackball is missing a scroll wheel which a lot of games I play really need.

So I decided to use my points on a Logitech MX Ergo as it has the scroll wheel and still has the forward and back buttons.

It's going to take a while to get used to the button placement though

I really like the concept of Melbourne based Amble Studio who are using RPGs to provide collaboration education for businesses.

The upcoming one is for Trello and puts your team in the role of a band who are also jewellery thieves.

Seems like a fun way to teach people to interact

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hello fediverse! I'm looking for openstreetmap users (or rather: editors) that would be willing to talk to me for a journalistic article (in the Luxembourgish leftist weekly "woxx") about their experience.

it doesn't matter if you edit #osm #openstreetmap a lot or only casualy, I'd just be interested to hear different voices.

(you can also just reply to this toot and tell me why you started to edit osm/whats your motivation to do it/what problems you see)

boosts more than welcome

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tabletop suggestions requested, boosts welcome 

What's a good tabletop game (board, rpg, narrative, etc) for a group of strangers at a party with minimal prep from any person? A lot of these won't be Gamers, so something easy to pick up would be nice, but I want to do better than like. Jenga.

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Hey people, I want to make music

Problem is, I only have my Linux laptop, Bluetooth headphones, no additional input devices and not a lot of fast internet - recommend me anything I could use with this?
I worked with a backup copy of FL studio in the past, something like that?

Fun > quality, free Software preferred

Retoots welcome, any idea even if not fully usable right now, too

Please don't comment on the problems I have here, I know this isn't a good music making environment ^^`

taxes, numeracy 

Doing my taxes yesterday the accountant asked so how many weeks did you work last financial year?

I told her that I had 2 weeks off, so 50.

She said that a lot of people aren't aware that there are 52 weeks in the year, which surprised me.

Is it not something that the general public knows or?

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This recipe said to season liberally with salt, so I stood over the dish and talked about how it would be nice to have salt but it's just not politically possible

Also I finished the cake for my wife's birthday. I'm not super happy with the way the frosting turned out. Not sure if it's because I didn't let the frosting cool for long enough or if it wasn't thick enough.

I don't eat chocolate, so I only have her word to go on but she says the frosting is fine and that the cake itself is wonderfully dense. I only bake this once a year, so I think its a win.

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