For those who have a treble phone, I've built a system.img for /e/ using phh treble script, and added full support for Huawei P9 Camera. If you wanna try it, here is the build

Just have to flash your system partition with it and wipe /data

I’ll be live on @AJEnglish news from Cork at around 14:25 Irish/British time today to talk about FaceApp and ask why it takes the Russians or Chinese to be involved before we take the threat of surveillance capitalism seriously.

You can watch live from:

People "are “selected” to be harassed and searched at the gate before flying, often—as I discovered and reported 16 years ago—for clearly political, not security, reasons."
Hey, listen.

I've been unemployed for the last few months, recovering from intense burnout. I'm in the process of looking for jobs, but realistically, I'm very close to being broke.

I'm trying my best to live lean and come up with some kind of income...but to be honest, I need help. I've got only 400 bucks to my name right now, and bills are going to cause major damage.

I'm trying to work my way up to $1210 to cover rent after the next month. While I don't at all expect that kind of money to just be handed to me, I'm not confident that I'm going to be able to get a job in time to cover it.

My biggest costs right now are servers. I'm running We Distribute and VidCommons entirely out of pocket with no donations. This probably is why neither have been updated very frequently in recent months, but if they're to continue operation, I need at least 80 bucks to cover it. If I can't, both of those projects will be on ice for a while, with their sites taken down.

If anyone would like to help me financially during this trying time, here's some links for donations. I hate having to do this, but I'm trying to survive.



If you miss a community for discussing about #Linux smartphones and/or asking whatever related question, the subreddit r/tuxphones, created and co-owned by @danct12, might be what you are looking for!

Feel free to join for constructive and polite discussion about anything concerning Linux and mobile devices.

I suppose so-called #email servers and services that are 'free' don't like encrypted mail because their business model is to spy on, scan, relay information about E-mails transmitted though them. #surveillancecapitalism dislikes #privacy

* Reflections from the field *

"I have deleted Windows 10 and installed Ubuntu. I will never use Windows again; Game Over.

Months of tweaking Windows 10: removing services, stopping processes, uninstalling apps, doing all sorts of hacks, I was done. Over. I can't handle this garbage anymore.

I made a final decision & switched to Linux Ubuntu.

I'm relieved.

I'm so surprised that people are still using Windows. Something is wrong."

#Linux #deleteWindows10 #Ubuntu

#antiX "Latest secure kernels available in the repos for 32 and 64 bit architecture (stretch, buster, testing and sid)." #debian #gnu #linux

Want 28% off a Librem 13 v4 with secure hardware kill switches? Well we have a sale on our UK and German keyboard models. Get the base version for $999 and use those savings to get more ram and a large SSD #purism #lbrem13 #linux #linuxlaptop

Friends don’t let #friends get spied on, let’s help them leave #BigTech’s “free” services and save them from tracking, spying, data sharing and #advertising. #privacy #security

@switchingsocial Hello!, do you know some 2FA that respects your privacy?

#2FA #Privacy

I spoke to #assange many times. He's pro #greenparty (but aware they're unlikely to have won the US election because the system is deeply rigged and election system compromised -- a fact to which #wikileaks alerted many times for years).

“That is one of the sketchiest things I’ve ever seen,” said EFF's Lee Tien. "As a lawyer, when I see something like this my first thought is somebody has done something wrong that they are retroactively trying to say is okay.”

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