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A good and sobering piece about how all the open-source-like movements have failed us

*personal files* moving between local HDD, nextcloud, syncthing, various cloud solutions, always a source of stress "whom can I trust? ohgod"

*business files* put everything in OneDrive since forever, works fine, no problems

From my small sample size, spam and abuse on large matrix channels has picked up recently. Short of having responsive moderators on every channel it's hard to see how to deal with this since server admins don't have nearly as much visibility as something like Mastodon.

The first time I went to Ruxcon I joined the WiFi for a bit and connected to my VPN. Later an acquaintance warned me against it. After I got home I noticed an unusual number of login attempts against the VPN. The IP had a PTR to a domain with a real contact. The name in question matched a cryptographer at an Australian organisation. His phone number was on his profile so I called. "Did you own me?" Sadly no straight answers - he stammered something about a virus and that it was fixed. Fun times.

Grudgingly making myself write "choosing who to connect to" in a technical doc. In almost any situation I'd use the right grammar but the writing needs to get out of the way in this case. :(

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So good.

squatting valid internal package names was a nearly sure-fire method to get into the networks of some of the biggest tech companies out there, gaining remote code execution, and possibly allowing attackers to add backdoors during builds.

The .drawio.svg plugin for VS Code is my new favourite thing. I can draw diagrams with a GUI, store them in git efficiently as XML, render them inline in markdown files, and have enough metadata in the file to re-edit them later!

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Today I'm fondly remembering the university professor who would reply to your emails by printing them out, writing his response on the paper, and putting it in your internal mail pigeonhole at the general office.

I no longer believe he was doing anything wrong.

I hope everyone who decided to buy bitcoins in December 2017 still has their wallet... the bigger fools are here now.

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I am learning:

'git pull' is a shot to the leg side, across one's body. 'git cut' or 'git drive' is a horizontal stroke to the off side

Unsized types are my nemesis. I will bend you to my will, one day.

*Starts a new coding project*
*Immediately gets bogged down trying to do something clever with instances of `dyn AsyncRead` instead of actually making it work*

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Daily link: disqus, tracking, modern web 

Disqus: the dark commenting system

I've had Disqus on my blog for five-odd years and had started to get annoyed with it, but that post made me dump it.

Waiting for everyone sharing that article about the raspi Microsoft repo to notice the blog is pulling resources directly from the AMP Project CDN

One advantage of everyone being contactable at all times on their phone is we no longer need to agonise over whether this is more of an "Away" or "NA" situation every time we step away from ICQ.

Anything you type into a box on a webpage is known to that website, whether or not you press “submit”. Anything that appears on your phone’s camera inside Snapchat or Instagram is known to that company whether or not you press the “take photo” button. is now updated from PeerTube 2.4.0 to 3.0.1. Painless, really.

Should enable live streaming?

Friends don't let friends publish truncated-article RSS.

This arvo I saw a courier put a card in my letterbox without knocking. Being late in the day, grumpy old me declared "stuff it" and I drove to the TNT depot with every intention of reading a book until the bloke finished his shift. The staff there were legit helpful - they looked him up ("new contractor" one muttered) and directed me to the real dropoff point. Sure enough, my guy showed up. 60 minutes after the card hit my letterbox I had my package. I'm…oddly pleased how this all turned out.

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