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@tqft working with computers helps you understand why Santa ran away to the north pole to make wooden toys by hand

@jimbob Good job filling the left side of the merge. I used to be a right-side-early guy and learnt the error of my ways.

@hugh On the bright side it’s been at least two years since I heard someone say “inbox me on Facebook”

@futzle Oh haha that’s why I was so confused... normally I’m piping!

A quirk of redirections that bit me today:

$ command 2>&1 >out.txt

…will still print stderr to the terminal because it was made equal to stdout _before_ stdout was changed to a file

$ command >out.txt 2>&1

…actually puts everything in "out.txt"

*reviewing the spreadsheet of proposed changes for Rust 2021 Edition*
cool, cool,
> "reserve `yeet` as a keyword" (crossed out)
Righto then

@mike @stibbons The other benefit of generally chill people is that when they arc up about something you know to sit up and pay attention.

I'm glad I don't have to manage any on-prem Exchange any more. Gotta admit it was fun using a GUI to do things that otherwise would have had me combing man pages and config files.

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A bit of an escalation in the emails from MS this morning. It's the first time they've put "please read" in the subject.

> We are contacting you to alert you to Microsoft’s release of patches for multiple different on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server zero-day vulnerabilities that are being exploited by a nation-state affiliated group.

I ask myself the same thing every day, friend. Never have worked it out.

It's a good thing I don't need to buy any new PC hardware for a while. I mean, if I had to get something today the Ryzen 5xxx are reviewing very nicely but I'd be grumpy if a direct M1 competitor came out later this year and just mopped the floor with everything.

Yo, welcome my mate @leofebey! He's an electronics hacker and developer who does cool projects.

@rubenerd Are you familiar with SSTV? There’s a fair bit of it transmitted on HF and you’d probably get a kick out of it!

housing market, politics 

@hugh It's interesting to contrast that with this piece from the ABC yesterday - supposedly interest rates are slipping precariously upward despite the best efforts of the RBA. Perhaps there will be an answer to your question soon.

@Lone_wolf Мне грустно, что Marko ушёл :(

@kev Give it a shot for sure. It's come a very long way since the buggy arrival of KDE 4. The basic apps like dolphin (file manager) and okular (pdf viewer) are top notch IMO.

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>IPv4, the old version of the Internet Protocol, or by IPv6, the current standard of the protocol.
This is the kind of optimism I like from wikipedia.

@dosnostalgic 👋 A random factoid you might find interesting (or already know about!) - Major Stryker was one of my fav games in the 90s, especially the soundtrack. It had a jukebox mode under settings that I spent a long time playing with. I learnt recently that the composer Bobby Prince did a rerecording of the entire soundtrack featuring some real instruments in 2013. It's pretty cool.

@cjd Leaving aside the empty-blocks discussion, I too am not a fan of this lint. e.g. here the intent is much clearer if I show the "e == f" case rather than bundling it into the "default".

if a == b {
} else if c == d {
} else if e == f {
} else {

@futzle A relative was taught maths by a very smart old nun back in the day, who had apparently memorised the entire set of log tables (not sure to how many figures). Not a bad superpower.

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