Does anyone know why it is that macOS's Activity Monitor itself uses so much CPU? I realise querying hundreds of processes per second is non-trivial but 30+% of a core? Yeesh.

Objective-C isn't my favourite language but nothing else I've seen has quite achieved the elegance of stacking up parameters as vertically-aligned key-value pairs.

With lots of people finding "interesting" numbers on their M1 Macs, I went and checked the SSD wear on my 3yo PC's NVMe. Should be good for another few decades at this rate!

GME on the Australian Stock Exchange, a mining company, has just doubled in price.

FB goes a bit weird if you don't have any friends, groups or liked pages.

bad esperanto joke 

Tiun amiko sendis al mi. Ho ve.

I know indie email providers like to rag on Microsoft's spam filter but I can reassure you it's not personal. Why I am so confident? Well, they even send their own invoices to spam.

My favourite feature of Big Sur is that the "invalid key" sound effect is like a mini bongo drum that you can play whenever you want.

I feel like sharing this photo from 2009 without context. Yes it's Linus.


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