Shifted servers. I tried fosstodon for a bit but I'm, uh, not convinced I'm fossy enough. I'd rather be slightly too nerdy on an Australia server.

On that note, hi I'm Tom! I'm in Tasmania. My things are computers/programming, listening to music (various), playing music (classical) and bushwalking when I can.

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@froosh Cheers, glad to be back on a calmer timeline :)

@teek_eh gday tom! It's been a few years since I've been to tassie, but loved it then!

what brings you to mastodon!

@hungsu Hey, glad you could stop by! :) Ah y'know most people I know are still on twitter but they've really doubled down on showing you posts from people you're not following. Time to try mastodon again. I'm not used to the local timeline being so readable!

@teek_eh: Hello Tom- I'm in New Zealand and am new here.

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