With the release of Big Sur, I think removed the last known way to see the timestamp of a received iMessage to the nearest second, on any device type. Up to Catalina you could hover the mouse over a message to get hh:mm:ss.

Huh I guess melb.social gave out since I was last on fedi. They were pretty active a while back.

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Do you say "scone" or "scone"?

I've probably swung too far in the channel-happy direction but it's still nicer than weak pointers 🤷‍♂️

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I love doing greenfield designs in Rust. Being forced to think clearly about data ownership has fixed like 90% of my architectural issues from OOP where I wound up with circular references and other nonsense. I'd probably get it right now in Java or Swift too but it took a grumpy compiler for it to sink in.

I've never understood why Tommy Emmanuel's live performance of his Beatles medley is marked "explicit" on Spotify. It's an instrumental. What was he doing on stage? 😶

Is anyone into Armagetron Advanced? I jumped onto a sumo server the other day and it was fine but all the populated servers are kinda high ping from here. Rocket League on the other hand has many more options for matchmaking...

Shifted servers. I tried fosstodon for a bit but I'm, uh, not convinced I'm fossy enough. I'd rather be slightly too nerdy on an Australia server.

On that note, hi I'm Tom! I'm in Tasmania. My things are computers/programming, listening to music (various), playing music (classical) and bushwalking when I can.


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