The h.266 format makes me think it would be a good format for vr streaming. Especially like the Oculus quest where it has the tethered option streaming full pc games. If encoding was done in hardware, it's a bandwidth benefit that could scale to a decent wireless experience, or likely a full 360 stream.

I've barely used a 16 channel mixer on my desk for like two years. I think I want to downgrade and reclaim some deskspace.

Waiting for NBN to see if they skip a third appointment then declare it as not missed (because they rescheduled it five minutes before the due time for them to arrive), so they then avoid needing to pay a missed appointment fee.

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Shout-out to the folks who keep your Mastodon servers up and running.

Just wanted to share a restoration of a laptop. It fell off a moving car (!) and only had a cracked case but still worked. So I sourced a replacement and painted it red :) proud of hell well it came out!

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Hey, just published a great article on how I design and implement infrastructure, and how that shaped Cloud Island.

Check it out!

The dynamic of work is so different without the original boss now. Feels weird.

Camera tests seemed to go okay enough, I'm not sure if I should get more usb webcams, or go hdmi capture instead. Because webcams are so expensive it works out probably similar in price

I paid 50 cents for a babyccino at maccas. I feel dirty.

So. Amny annoying edge cases I'm running in to with docker.

I reaaaaaallly need to put some time into making my new website. Infra is all ready and sitting there idle.

I'm open sourcing the code I'm writing to control a LED ping pong sphere. Now you too can have a wifi controlled, sphere of light!

So proud of this hot choccy. Lindt Flakes, Peppermint essence has made for much yum.

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