Mostly sick house, I've got through fine so far, let's see if I jinx myself!

I'm feeling more confident with my Javascript skills, now I'm doing random hobby projects to cement them. So if someone has bugs that need fixing on a public repo, yeeep I'll give them a bash haha

Eager to learn to use the new laser cutter at the hackerspace, but family time makes that unlikely For a while.

Cancel that, it's been too long since a half life joke

Omg tetris99 is tetris with battle Royale - you are versing 99 other players :o

Woot tonsil Op for little one has gone well, waiting for him to recover

Little one going in for tonsil removal Op tomorrow. Feel for them but I'm so looking forward to their sleep and behaviour improving after it!

You've not seen fast reaction times than when a little one goes to claw your eyelid

I think I'm having a lot of fondness about mastadon, like early day Twitter. It's smaller but in a good way

Is there a term for when you learn a social thing then actively avoid doing it because you become hyper aware of it? Besides self sabotage I guess :p

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Things are feeling in place and good today. Yay!

Doh my catchup idea in melbourne fell through. Think about it latter!

Here's to an lovely and productive and fun day!

Going to visit Melbourne again tomorrow, to study and maybe say hi to anyone around.

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I love that #lca2019 supports new speakers like Emma, who is in year 12 and gave her first lightning talk at #lca2018, and today spoke about managing that stress and anxiety! Way to go, Emma!

Backpack animation for the art exhibition is oookaaaay. Needed more resolution to show the face repeating demo I think. But still, artaf makes me giggle.

I found a video game bar in Ballarat and I'm So Hyped to take anyone there now that I know there is one here.

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