I love watching Lego masters. This is good TV.

The real question for me tonight is: is it really too late to open a packet of salt and vinegar chips up.

Melbourne, you look pretty. This was before I went into a friend having their birthday at laser highway, sweet sweet synthwave

Loving walking around town for lunch, I can feel it boosting my mood. I should look for a basic jacket I can slip on when it gets too cold!

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Asking people to go for lunch - not my strong suit

Walking around at lunch In the air feels great

Working feels good. It strangely felt isolating on top of everything else (looking for work) , and I realise it more now that I'm back in the workforce. Scary times.

Good time to start work this week, with Monday and ANZAC day off.

Awww damn Easter egg hunt feels, they get so excited!

Talking pay and enployment stuff in an hour. The nerves are real!

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