My mental health is taking a bit of a dive again. I'm working on it slowly but surely.

Job interview done. I wish I had a replay! I have no idea if I done great or bombed out. Nervous but answered questions well. I'll find out Tuesday or Wednesday...

The power has gone out here in the suburb. Argh at the timing!

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Oops, I broke my laptop... It's a good laptop, but it is nearly 10 years old too.

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Hey Mastodon-friends, do you know if a Kubernetes-based infracode for firing up an instance exists yet?

The recent horror festival of Tumblr and Facebook oppressing LGBT and sex workers has moved this well up in my priorities.

Boosts are super appreciated.

Got an interview for uni job. That's promising, but still going to spend a day in melbourne checking out my options next week.

YouTube link test if it works, I made a video with crashes from my drone flights!

4000 word (for the criteria alone!) application for uni job sent. Feels like such a huge weight pressing send. Relaxing with rocket league time!

I thought writing cover letters were tricky. "Key Selection criteria" responses are far more stressful! It's all about understanding ITSM and it's acronyms now.

Next door neighbour's cat dropped by to have a peek at the bubs

My favourite remnant from the Victoral Liberal election - that control sure got took!

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