Odd that I missed that actually. Oh well, they should be back to spamming everyone now

@Tarale 2 year old was sleepy. Went down later at 3pm... Did not wake up... I'm afraid of what happens if he wakes up as I'm trying to go to bed later. Also if this signals sickness... Am now sneaking around downstairs quietly cleaning as family left without waking him successfully... Thought you'd be able to relate

Whatever happened to demand management anyway?

What I do reckon we need to do is implement the demand management technology our smart meters were supposed to allow. I'd be all for getting a discount of my next bill in return for paying attention to a little screen telling me I need to turn some stuff off or turn up my AC a couple of degrees to keep my utilization under a certain amount

Caveat that it's easy to say given I still have power but people who expect the power grid to just provide infinite power during events like today are driving me nuts. People don't seem to understand that power isn't infinite and that if rolling blackouts weren't instituted eventually the whole grid would just go dark anyway and that would take so much longer to recover from

It's days like these that make me super glad the new house is one story, with maxed out insulation, double glazing, and a beafy 12.5kw reverse cycle instead of the default evap unit. That said I will have ceiling fans as well so hopefully I won't have to contribute to the destruction of the planet too often

Thought music was building in my headphones that I must have left on last night... Turned out to just be a street sweeper...

Yes! Free replacement part from for my trainer works! Looking forward to getting back into !

Good morning all. This week aiming to learn how to use and also continue the never-ending stream of on boarding training for new job

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EMV has issued a new Watch and Act message for a Structure Fire at Dallas, Coolaroo, Roxburgh Park, Campbellfield, Lalor, Somerton, Thomastown. See emergency.vic.gov.au/respond/# for more information

Looks like Melbourne has another massive chemical stockpile fire 🔥 EPA needs an injection of funds to track down the individuals responsible and get them some serious jail time

Here's hoping the bread goes better today. I did remember the yeast this time so hopefully I won't have an excuse to go and get terrible greasy food for lunch... 🍞

For anyone with a little one obsessed with Baby Shark here's a good way to start your day if you have a similar sense of humor to me (sound needed) youtube.com/watch?v=D1Fce_BaP0

Well. The plan to use the cycle trainer to stay fit now I'm not commuting went well... Rather expensive 3 year old trainer is dead...

Holy crap the extra time that working from home gives me though. I'm legitimately working more hours than I was when I worked in an office all while doing things like getting up an hour before start, having cheaper coffees (espresso machine at home) and kicking the bread maker off so I have fresh bread for lunch (and the smell of fresh bread). I actually feel like doing chores in the afternoon/across lunch break...

Good morning world. Starting to ever so slightly feel the isolation of working from home. But now I have 2 monitors so I'm just kicking back with a coffee trying out a new di.fm channel - Lofi Hip-Hop

He had already scanned it for safe drop in the time it took me to go downstairs. He gave me this look that said "oh crap, a people, how do I do this again"

I like this new job. Go downstairs, have a nice sandwich for lunch, kick off a banana bread loaf for afternoon tea and grab a nice coffee. Also the surprise on the posties face when someone actually collected a parcel at the door of a residence was priceless

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