I guess a Shrek marathon isn't a bad way to spend a day with a sick 2 year old. Somewhat a shame it happened in my last week at current job but also I feel this is a better use of my time

The guys trying to fix their car outside are dedicated but I think it's time for a tow truck. They showed up at about 7 last night, worked till 11 and were back at 7 this morning. It turns over but does not catch even slightly. I think they're out of their depth

And so begins 4 days of solo parenting! Well, not really. 2 days at grandparents and 2 days of childcare

Chance I'll regret coming into the Melbourne CBD when the trains all die from rain exposure this afternoon / HIGH 🌊

I shouldn't be surprised by the lack of effort to engage me in handover (given I'm only gonna be here for another 10 business days and have a wealth of knowledge that needs transferring) but for some reason I am 🀨

Sorry for the noise folks @EmvBot is busy today. Please let me know if you think it's too much. Over 12 months it should only toot a bit over 300 times (based on data from last year) but on busy fire days it'll go pretty nuts

Eeek. First career change since becoming responsible for a tiny human (oh and starting a mortgage, beginning a house build, etc). Feels like I've stepped off a cliff into a void filled with fog under the promise that there is a ledge beneath me (gave notice yesterday)

Learned an important lesson about Arlo cameras on the weekend. Do not use those command strips. Even if you use enough to hold 2kg. Expensive lesson to learn. 300 bucks wasted on a new gadget that lasted less than 24 hours. Gonna dismantle and attempt repair but 1 injury + 1 fatality at this stage 😭

@shlee @koosli I think I've fixed @VicBeachBot. Sorry for the spam yesterday. I'll keep an eye on it this morning

Amazing the difference decent sleep can make

Somehow forgot my phone. Gonna be long day of instinctively reaching for something that isn't there... Especially as I'm working late 😩

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EMV has issued a new Advice message for a Chemical Hazard at Epping. See emergency.vic.gov.au/respond/# for more information

Ok... I'm officially delaying going home from work in order to avoid my soaking wet cycling shoes 🌊

Here's hoping @EmvBot and @VicBeachBot are both working this time. Just got to wait for something to happen now! Coming soon (maybe) Total Fire Ban bot! πŸ”₯

OK @EmvBot should actually work now! Missed a step in the process πŸ‘

BoM lied to me. That was showers not cloudy. I gambled and lost. Now I have to ride home in soaked socks and cycling shoes. Come on Melbs do your thing and give me sun this afternoon

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People will really put a sticker over their camera and then go buy an Alexa

So @EmvBot didnt work today... Looks like I have something to do while I drink my morning coffee β˜•

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