Sometimes the NY Times and Google News feeds have a little glitch.

When I did the DMZ tour back in 2017 there was nary a weed to be seen on either side of the border.

The NK side now looks completely neglected in the official photos from VP Harris's visit yesterday.

I'd be curious to know why. Gardeners in the gulag? Gardeners about to be in the gulag when Kim sees these photos?

Now we have an ottoman. If only they'd turned up at the same time.

Could you imagine the morning you'd have sitting there with your feet up watching Los Angeles pass you by?

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Quiet evening in the Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico.

MAGA, Make Attorneys Get Attorneys.

But, do Trump's lawyers' lawyers need attorneys?

(Checked with the spousal unit that I had those apostrophes correct.)

Speaking as someone at age 59 who has gradually worsening presbyopia, this is just about the worst font I've ever seen.

And it's being used to issue warnings about dangerous weather conditions. Yikes.

This is not one of the good parts of getting old.

Outer bands of Hurricane Kay turning up in LA tomorrow, and we've also got some residual monsoonal clouds coming in today.

Much excitement to see rain for the first time in months.

Melbourne rellies telling me they're sick to death of rain otoh. It's a funny old world.

California-wide electricity shortage, we're getting mobile phone alerts to reduce our power usage.

39C outside, just set the thermostat to 28C.

By any standards it wasn't a pretty building, outside or in.

It was originally called the Colosseum Hotel, and the interior was styled with faux Roman columns and misc decorations. Genuinely odd concept, even for the day.

The original name was apt, because there were plenty of fights to near death, just like the Roman original.

Eventually the Billabong group sold the pub. It made a lot of money, but there was too much crime, too many police raids, too many headaches.

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I worked a few shifts in the Bottle Shop every now and then. That was probably my favorite job in the pub. Lots of fresh air, and on summer days you could hang out near the cool-room door and catch the cold breeze keeping the pallets of beer at the right temp.

I only saw a single nasty scrap happen in the bottle shop too. A big plus compared to the public bar.

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That grill caramelized the cheese on an infinite number of "veal" and chicken parmas.

After everyone went home I cleaned that area back to shiny stainless steel and spotless tiles hundreds of times.

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The bistro seated around 300 people, and would be packed on Mothers Day. The pub was part of a chain called Billabong or something.

Most of the cooks were young apprentices, lots of uni students doing the customer facing work, and also working as kitchenhands, etc.

There were some interesting regulars in the public bar. Several ex-boxers, a couple of drug dealers, the occasional bookie on the weekends. Lots of working class (mostly) men who lived in the nearby Housing Commission neighborhood that was built for the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne.

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Charred ruins of the Heidelberg Hotel public bar, November 1995.

The hotel, formerly known as the Colosseum Hotel, was located at the corner of Bell St and Oriel Rd in West Heidelberg. It burned down in vaguely suspicious circumstances around 1991. An Aldi is now on that site.

I worked here in the mid-1980s as a kitchenhand and barman while studying at La Trobe.

Probably the roughest pub I've ever been in.

All work on this property halted a couple of years ago when the construction company went into bankruptcy proceedings.

I'm guessing National, one of the creditors, is still billing the corpse of the construction company, which involves leaving the Port-a-Dunny and rented power service pole on the street for two years and counting.


Hottest week of summer far. 113F is 45C.

We hit 49C in 2020, the hottest temp on record for Los Angeles County.

It seems likely we'll crack 50C in the not too distant future.

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