Took a run at White Mountain Peak in California today. Ran out of puff about 200 meters altitude short of the summit. Disappointed but legs are completely thrashed.

Lots of fairly tame marmots hanging out by the trail.


The White Mountains are on the eastern side of the Owens Valley. Their far more famous relatives the Sierra Nevada are on the west side.

The was burning in Yosemite National Park, easily visible from the Whites. That's Crowley Lake in the midground.

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White Mountain Peak is the easiest "fourteen-er" in California. It's also the only higher-than-14,000' mountain in California that's not in the Sierra Nevada.

I've been to the top twice before, but this time I conked out at near that chunk of black rock just below the summit. Was definitely feeling the effects of altitude.

I screen-grabbed my GPS status at the turn-back.

With my backup phone, because I'd managed to drop my regular phone in circumstances too embarrassing to mention.

Cute marmot gave me a good looking over, then decided to head indoors.

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