It rained. In Los Angeles. In June.

I had to try out the Photo Sphere feature on the phone...

Both light pollution (which I've written about here extensively - read some of my old posts) and atmospheric pollution. had a terrifying article yesterday about weird crap that's already happening in the upper atmosphere because of SpaceX launches that are almost totally unregulated.

Better engineering and strong international regulation can save the sky from this particular threat, but will it happen fast enough?

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Covid isolation, day 8(?). This is literally giving me the shits.

Yes, literally.

Ouchy. Would hate to be in the area below the line.

Still, is the area above the line electrical grid capacity?

I live in one of the few places in the city of LA where the sun peeks through the marine layer (when it comes onshore) this time of year.

Which probably also explains why this neighborhood holds the routinely broken record for the hottest temp in LA, 49.4C.

As the hours tick by in Covid isolation, one is reminded of the legendary appearance of an "excitable" Iggy Pop on Countdown back when dinosaurs roamed the Australian music landscape.

The raven and crow families near the casa have always been in low level conflict, but in the last two weeks it's erupted into open warfare.

The other day I tried to talk some sense into a raven sitting on the other side of the yard, then the next morning there was a crap the size of a dinner plate on my car.

So, I'm out.

Get it sorted birds!

(COVID isolation, day 5.)

vulgar language 

This pinche COVID is still with me. Thank goodness for effective vaccines, cabrón.

Watching "Narcos: Mexico", always baffling to see certain homicidal criminals portrayed as sort of honorable. I guess everything is relative.

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When I moved to California I was pleasantly surprised to see that double glazed windows and high quality insulation were baked into the building codes. That was at least 30 years ago.

And of course I almost immediately encountered houses where every room was kept at a constant comfortable temperature, and every kitchen had a machine that washed the dishes.

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Heat/cold management for the house involved careful monitoring of windows and blinds.

In summer there was a magical time each evening when every window would be opened and blinds thrown back.

In the morning there was a less magical time when the outside air was warmer than the inside air, so every window was slammed shut and blinds drawn.

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Elsewhere in the house, nature took its course. If it was 2C outside, then it would be 2C in the bedroom.

It was absolutely routine to wake up and see my breath while still in bed in Wangaratta in winter.

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Growing up in Frankston and Wangaratta we maintained room temperatures the same way they had been controlled since my impoverished ancestors landed in Australia and started stealing land.

One room in the house was the "warm" room in winter. Doors were kept shut to that room, and if washing had to be dried it was hung up in that room. A blazing fire kept the room at a constant 40C.

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Pre-1980-ish the concept of living in a house where every bedroom, toilet, cupboard, not to mention living room, kitchen, laundry, were kept at a single constant comfortable temperature, was at best aspirational for most Australians, and for this Australian, an unobtainable dream.

You might as well dream about having a machine that washes the dishes installed in the kitchen.

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I see a lot of folks commenting on Philip Oldfield's Guardian piece "Freezing indoors? That’s because Australian homes are closer to tents than insulated eco-buildings"

I did not know Chris Meloni is in Harold and Kumar. Now I do.

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Half way through a week of COVID isolation. Giving Narcos: Mexico season 3 a rest for now, cabrón.

My dude had about 40 meters to get up to ramming speed on the service road, with a giant hill behind it, and cats eyes, and some 4x4 posts that were set in the ground around 1950.

The US President is in town for a few days for a conference with leaders of various North and South American countries.

That means a massive refueling jet is constantly overhead flying random orbits.

I wonder if they're discussing human-caused global warming?

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