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@lyncia The lowercase is in your left ear, the uppercase is in your right ear

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Hey nerds, I'm CyberneticSquid, also a nerd ( :he_him: ).

I'm new to Mastodon, and enjoy and as well as a bit of . Nice to meet y'all.

some AI generated images are funny but a lot are upsetting or scary. please CW all of them!! Content warnings for good or bad or neutral helps to keep the fedi a chill place for one another. ❤️ asking for consent thru a content warning heads up before showing people stuff rocks :emby: :boost_ok: :eyeless_baguette:

sleeping with the fishes (there is a blåhaj in my bed)

this is the future leftists want 📎 utopia.jpg

piracy is now only illegal if you dont seed

produce a sentence that contains no information but sounds like it does

The poster's paradox: my most deeply insightful and funny posts only get a handful of reactions while throwaway toots get boosted across the fedi hundreds of times

little bit of advertising, but the cutting room floor (a website i run) acquired a snes prototype version of puggsy, which ended up unreleased

we'll be doing a release stream of it on friday at 5 pm pacific.

more details on the dumb bird website:

if you were wondering what happens when (doesn't allow the letter E) meets (only allows the letter E):

listen, i'm glad everyone is here/back but platform metacommentary alone won't be enough to make this stick. you need to start posting inane nonsense

what did you eat today. did you see any cool bugs

Lots of people had to work behind the scenes to make y2k in to nothing. There was lots of undue panic, and lots and lots of hard work.

I'm concerned that we learned the wrong lesson from this, and that it will be Much Worse as a result.

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how many lojbanists does it take to change a broken light bulb?

two! one to think about what to change it into, and another to wonder what sort of bulb emits broken light

Imagine a streamer using the Skyrim stealth indicator to show whether they were looking at chat or not

intro post :boost_ok: 

hiya! im thirty-8 (u can spell it 38, i wont tho :), im a #trans gal (ish gender is weird) living in pdx and not ever #doingTheDishes, thats a fun fact about me. I never do the dishes. not out of spite or ire, but because i am very tired. (this is a joke i do sometimes do the dishes im not a #monster after all)

#disabled, and mostly have lived through the kindess of strangers and my community for the last seven or so years i been fighting to try and get on disability, so i keep my cash links in my bio and info things, and appreciate anything anybody who can spare wants to throw my way <3

im working as a nyanny for the time being, when i can, with what clients will work with me and are able to lol, which means i mostly end up working for disabled single
#moms and sex workers, which is kinda fun. wish i could make a living doing #childcare but for right now its just nice to be the autistic trans adult that there never was around when i was a kid, for some lil ma-fuckers like once or twice a month

so this account, is gonnya be just a place for me to
#shitpost. i usually remember cw's but understand that forgetting happens, general cw's in my bio, i try to update them as my moods n interests change :)

also this instance is run on a tablet i installed
#linux on, so, lol, i mean, i donot expect it to be permanent, idk, its a bit, roll with it i think?

besides shitposting, im into shooting stuff, blowing things up, building things and breaking things, id call myself a maker if that title didnt come with some shitty memories for me, so i tend to tell people im a "dangerous
#engineering enthusiast" and then accidentally scare them away by explaining at length what i can fit in a shotgun shell, and what that looks like splattered against a car door or a pallet

recently i built my own
#tattoo gun, and then another one for my roommate, and we been learning how to tattoo, they just did SMOL BEAN on my knuckles and i love it so much omg :) :) :)

also i work with
#TestBloc and #MaskBloc from twitter, if anybody in #PDX needs N95's or covid rapid tests, hit me up, i can get you, or anybody u know who needs, some dropped off no contact for freesies #MutualAid

anyways, honk honk and wahey! as is traditionyal to say in clown culture, for no apparent reason
🤡 🎉 📯

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