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Hey nerds, I'm CyberneticSquid, also a nerd ( :he_him: ).

I'm new to Mastodon, and enjoy and as well as a bit of . Nice to meet y'all.

just pretend I spaced these out over the past few months like someone with a coherent social media strategy.

• I don’t know if I’m going to redraw these larvae, but I kinda like how dumpy and simple they look, juxtaposed with their substrate
• the ol’ razzle dazzle
• everyone’s favorite nightmare duck, in a hallway you’ve never been in before but seems weirdly familiar?
• a parasitic orb that’s just trying to be open and honest and to make things right

#pixelart #gamedev #indiedev

@deletescape Placing my hand over my eyes when I see a TV ad and yelling "YARR" over the announcer.

i don't understand the idea that ad blocking equals piracy

you could make the argument that piracy is theft because you are accessing some content without paying for it, which is bullshit, but nevertheless

the idea is that piracy is "i want this thing, but for free", but how is "i *don't* want this thing" the same as the former???? blocking an ad is the opposite of that, it's like if someone walked up to me with a book, and if i walked away from them, would say that i am doing theft

if oneshot is so good how come theres no twoshot

2021 is nearly over. I hope y'all are happy with what you managed to accomplish, even if your biggest accomplishment is just staying alive.

Your gender must meet complexity requirements. Gender rules:

- Must not contain deadname
- Not the same as last 5 genders
- At least eight characters (a-z)
- At least three of the four:
* At least one lowercase character (a-z)
* At least one uppercase character (A-Z)
* At least one digit (0-9)
* At least one symbol (? . , ! _ - ~ $ % + =)

Gender DOs and DON'Ts

DO change your gender often.
DO use different genders for different 'classes' of interactions you use, such as work, school, personal, and financial information
DON'T use genders with fewer than eight (8) characters.
DON'T use features that offer to 'remember your gender'.
DON'T keep a 'default' gender. Make your own!

To my terminal & serial-console using friends, I wish a festive terminus.

To my hard-copy output using friends, I wish you a peaceful printout.

To my screen-reader-using friends, may your Braille output or TTS be blessed.

To my GUI using friends, I wish a merry Xmas.

I wonder if I can get prescription triangular anime glasses

I Died and was Reincarnated into the Isekai-Truck-Drivers Union and Now I Send Other People to Fantasy Worlds

so called "free thinkers" when theres a tiny little cat and it mews

okay so this'll be my #introduction i guess :) hi im jupiter and im interested in leftism, privacy, free & open software, coding, conlangs, abstract algebra, and sociology!

if you have made anything cool you want to show off, or just want to nerd out about literally anything, my inbox is open and i'll probably be super interested :D i speak swedish and english btw!

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