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time, it seems. Hi, I'm Anthony.

I'm an "instrument scientist" working on astronomical instrumentation at the AAO in Sydney, which is part of Macquarie University and a member of the Astralis consortium. My job mainly consists of pretending to be a systems engineer with some pretending to be a software developer on the side (mostly Python). My main project for the foreseeable future is MAVIS,

I'm interested in all things space-related, tech more generally, hobby electronics/making, and.. reptiles. A lot of my posts are going to be photos of lizards, especially my pet Blue Tongue Skink, Jerry.

Is there a name for it when you get nerd sniped by your boss, i.e. you get completely distracted from what you're supposed to be doing by something else that you are also supposed to be doing?

A battle for the ages.

"Reddit Reckons Weebs Are Review-Bombing Bluey So Their Beloved Animes Can Thrive Unopposed."

I should give credit for the logo design. It was done by Maria Hammerstrøm (, while she was a student intern working on the Huntsman Telescope.

It's a bit of a shame it doesn't include the Huntsman Telescope logo, but I love the hoodie nonetheless.

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*Very* exclusive Huntsman Telescope merch! These hoodies were made for the recent official opening event, only for members of the Huntsman team. Thanks to Lee Spitler (and Canon Australia) for getting one for me, as a sort of emeritus member of the team.

I hadn't seen any wild reptiles for a while, but the unseasonably warm weather today tempted this Eastern Water Skink out of their winter hidey hole.

Some of the best things in the Australian Astronomical Optics offices.

Lizard photos 

Jerry trying to work out why basking isn't working.

(It's because the timer had already turned his heat lamp off.)

Most of the displays in there fall under the categories of local history and "knick-knacks of the world", so this was a notable departure.

I'm not sure Din Djarin would approve of the inclusion of a droid alongside his helmet and darksaber, though.

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This is The Way.

Our local library has a display case in the entrance foyer and, for some reason, it currently has a Mandalorian corner.

Lizard photos 

I think Jerry has been so successful at manipulating the thermostat into turning up the heat that he's convinced himself that it is already Spring. I opened his enclosure to trim his plants and he was constantly trying to climb out. This doesn't look like the behaviour of a lizard that's mid brumation (hibernation), this looks like the behaviour of a lizard that's trying to explore in search of a mate.

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The AAO seems to have run out of coffee beans. This is a disaster.

Lizard photos 

While I was at the office looking at the picture of his mug on my mug Jerry was home alone and having a busy day. Based on all the temperature fluctuations I could tell he'd been very active and when I got home I found he'd pushed his food and water bowls off the rock, pushed his leaves & soil around, and left a bunch of nose smudges on the glass.

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New lock screen background and new mug are making me happy.

Very on brand for my handle.

Lizard photos 

It's working. I can see that the thermostat has turned the heat lamp up to full power and the temperatures are rising. Jerry looks very pleased about this, and has been contently closing his eyes as he enjoys the warmth.

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Lizard photos 

He's trying to do the thermostat trick again. You can just see the black cylindrical temperature sensor behind his left front leg.

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