I tell the doctor, the psychiatrist and the social worker that do want a daytime job. If I told them anything else, they'd just focus on it and try to change me.

1. Just be yourself.
2. Work on yourself.

This is a contradiction to me, because if you have worked on yourself, you have changed what "yourself" is in the first place.

As far as I can gather, "be yourself" expands to "be yourself except when we don't approve of it".

You wouldn't ask a serial killer to just "be himself". You'd throw him in prison.

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@thor True. "Be yourself" is utter nonsensical tripe. You decide who and what you are in every moment. There is no objective answer to "who/what are you?" Consider this glass of water. Is it you? Now drink it. Is it you? If yes, you mean that part of what you are is the physical matter of your body. If no, it means you are not your body. So what is the rest of you? Your thoughts, words and deeds. Those things are your only freedoms. You choose all of them, but they have boundaries, limitations.

@space_cadet @thor
Being "yourself" limits you to a little, claustrophobic square, be a fricken master at everything if you can

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