You know those hand rails that are often installed above and beside bathtubs to help people get in and out: .....

Why are they made out of something that is smooth and shiny and very slippery and difficult to hold onto when your hands are wet?

Especially when they are usually installed because some of the person(s) who use the bath might not have particularly good hand/arm strength.

Just curious.

I do not understand the appeal of loud motorcycles.
Why would anyone want to give the impression that they are sitting on a quadraplegic wheelchair-bound horse with extreme flatulence.

I just bought an open-source USB Oscilloscope for less than the cost of a tank of fuel:

So #TIL that flouride in the water was discovered in Michigan to be the cause of why so many cities and states in the US flouridate their water.

Well I already knew that. What I didn't know was that in the US we use Sodium Flouride, a byproduct of steel production. Not Calcium Flouride. We use that because the steel industry had so much of it and govt people thought it should be just as good.

Now that's what is used because it helps to stimulate the steel production economy.


My father just whinged about his pension getting cut recently. So I reminded him that he voted for the Libs. So of course he defended them, as well as his decision to vote for them at the time (in 2019, just before SARS-COV-2), parroting the slogan that Murdoch has carved into his brain: "The Libs are Better Economic Managers." And due to the same brainwashing, he utterly failed to see the connection between that marketing slogan and his reduced quality of life today.

Today I learned that I can easily crush walnuts in my hand

It's a pity that I do not like walnuts

I am livid that we have to fight against our own government to protect our environment.

In what alternative fucked up Universe could this even possibly be remotely OK.

Fake News 

Not many people know this, but the game of Golf was actually accidentally discovered by a person who was attempting to invent a new kind of walnut opening technique.

The biggest trick Hitler ever pulled was that to this day people think that German Jews somehow weren't Germans.

Holy shite, I love my new keyboard.

Peeps, if you don't already have a gorgeous keyboard - allow me to very strongly recommend that you invest in your fingertip happiness and splurge - because OMG I know now that a beautiful keyboard is a beautiful thing.

COVID-19 - Anti-Anti-Vax 

Unpopular opinion right here:

As an engineer, I mean it when I say: If anyone ever accuses me of lying because they've "done their own research" I will literally beat them to death with my turboencabulator.

I live in Australia. Someone in my family foolishly left the car window open a crack last night. Our car is now literally a death trap.

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