The reason why science fiction is always either war or dystopia is because we are basically just stupid apes and we are genetically incapable of imagining a future where we are happy and just live in peace.

Not looking forward to driving Newcastle to Sydney in the pelting rain tomorrow morning, and then home again tomorrow night.

I think I've figured out what is wrong with Marketing people's brains:

They deliberately suspend disbelief, so that they blur and merge fantasy and reality, and they choose to believe their own bullshit, and make the logic error of making decisions about imaginary future events *as though* those future events are certainties.

And we engineers simply do not play that game.

"What's going to happen in the future?"

"I'll let you know after it's happened."

There's very little that one lone person can accomplish against the entire massed stupidity of humanity.

If we ever invent teleportation I'm sorry but Heisenberg's uncertainty principle will ensure that whatever is sent will reappear:
a) exactly where you send it but at a completely random time in the lifetime of the universe, or
b) exactly now but at a completely random place in the universe

I've got my token to board the spaceships when X-Day comes!
Praise "Bob"!

When Little Orphan Annie grows up and realises that her adoptive Father is a warmongering, profiteering, rabid Republican baby-killer...

When Australia's crops start to fail year after year after year after year, because of Climate Change, what will the LNP Party say & do?

The USA's lack of healthcare is effectively a form of eugenics.

By making healthcare unaffordable, they are effectively manipulating their gene pool to eliminate unhealthy specimens.

Furthermore, the wealthy 1% who can afford medicine are predisposed to selectively breed from only the finest stock in their elite gene pool.

The small number of genetically imperfect humans who can afford to breed are only a small taint in the scheme.

The USA is trying to breed The Master Race, using money.

Very small handles should be called fingerthingys

Universities are not Teaching Institutions.

They are Testing Institutions.

If you pass their tests, they will give you a degree.

we're seeing self-esteem levels at about 91%

(91%) ■■■■■■■■■□

Australia isn't what I want it to be, and it never will be.

I wish every Australian would realise that this is also true for them.

So that we can all just be ourselves.

Which is, ironically, exactly what I want Australia to be.

Oh, well.

I'll just accept it as it is.

And stop wishing it was something else.

But, can I just ask everyone else to please just leave me the fuck alone, and stop trying to make me be what you want me to be.

Let's make a deal:

I'll stop if you stop.

You first.

I wish I was dumb and/or rich, like almost everyone else.

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