Right. So my quarantine-almost-jobless plan is:
1.) Write the 3 conference papers that I've been wanting to write
2.) Learn C++
3.) Start a business that I can keep growing even after we emerge from hibernation and eventually leave forever the awful hell that is Consulting Engineering.
4.) Lose 15 kg
5.) Learn the Blues Harmonica

So where is "You and your wife just lost your jobs at the start of a global depression due to a global pandemic that has utterly razed the global economy. Now is the perfect time to start a business!"?

I came here to build two things, a warp drive and utopia, and I'm all outta warp drives

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@space_cadet it's just another factor encouraging me to remain indoors now.

The next time you are feeling inadequate, or are letting your ego get too big, this guy was a Medical Doctor, a Navy Seal and an Astronaut by age 35.

Jonny Kim en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonny_

@space_cadet I might have actually had the paper I'm presenting published by then 😄

A positron moving through space is mathematically and physically identical to an electron travelling through space BACKWARDS IN TIME. And vice-versa. The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we CAN imagine.

Chuck Norris has been exposed to the Coronavirus. The virus is now in quarantine for a month.

Well I'm working from home starting today until further notice. My wife lost heaps of hours per week starting today. My daughter just got made redundant.
And so it begins.

ScoMo hasn't shut Australia down because he is a religious fanatic who believes that Hope is some kind of magical force that he can command and control and twist its energy into a force field of good luck that will pervade the island continent of Australia and keep all the good white Christians safe and sound and ready to die on command when the time is right, when Jesus 2.0 is installed and says "OK all my thralls, pack your Bibles in your backpacks, we're all going on a holiday in the sky."

A kitten just walked across my keyboard and signed me up for a graduate diploma in applied mathematics and statistics

I've been working as a consulting engineer since graduating Mech Eng 25 yrs ago. It has broken my heart every single day that *not once* has any real-world, paid task, ever required me to use any of the EXTRMELY POWERFUL advanced mathematics that I busted my guts for 4 years learning and mastering and loving and looking forward to making a living using it. Not. Even. Once.

Keep it real. 1000 years is a really, really short time in the cosmos. If you die of coronavirus or any other damn thing, in the blink of 1000 years not one single atom in the universe will give a crap that you were ever here.
So live your best life now, try and stay alive as long as possible, do your best at everything you do, help many people, take excellent care of the Earth. Be excellent to each other.
You only get one brief chance to experience this incredible wondrous universe.

What if your middle name is actually the name of your inner self, your subconscious mind, your silent observer, your aware ego. The name of your outer, conscious self is your first name, and your second name is what your inner self calls him/her/x-self.

You could start having a kind of relationship with your inner self.

Eg, "Hey Fred, where did I leave my keys?"

... 10 seconds later... I have a sudden urge to make a cuppa tea ... Oh wait there's my keys, behind the kettle.


TIL Denso (known for car parts) made a cellphone in 1994 called the T204. I didn't know this arrangement of buttons was a thing on mobiles, but I suddenly want it on everything

I found about the phone on Denso's history brochure (PDF in Japanese):

And their About page in English:


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