Why has no-one yet invented shoes with pressure sensors in the soles that continually measure your libido

I think the main problem with Democracy is that candidates are not required to have tertiary qualifications, and they are not required to have regular psychological evaluations, and they are not required to undertake continuous professional development. I mean, even the test to get a driver's licence requires more intellect and cogency than getting elected to public office, where it seems the Resume consists entirely of having a flashy smile and a firm handshake.

Most of the times when I want to Google something, my hands are wet, either because I'm in the shower/bath, swimming in a pool/ocean/lake, washing my hands, cooking, or covered in the blood of my enemies.

Go & see "Misbehaviour" in the cinema tomorrow, if you want to hang in an air-conditioned sanctuary.

I'm using a short USB cable as the bookmark for my eBook Reader

I remember reading somewhere that our sense of touch is so sensitive that if your fingertip had the relative size of the radius of the Earth, then your fingertip could distinguish the difference in roughness of two different surfaces with imperfections approx. the same relative sizes of 'houses' and 'cars'. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Since you like old amazing electronics, here is a freeware emulator of the HP-42S

The greatest calculator ever constructed by humans

You're welcome


Tibetan Singing Bowls all sound the same to me:

"So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish."

Australian houses should all be equipped with underground disaster shelters for heatwaves and bushfires, cleverly disguised as a man-cave with a large beer fridge and flatscreen.

It's the International Day to End Violence against Women.

1 in 3 🧕🏾👩🏻👩🏼‍🦰 around the 🌍 experience physical or sexual violence by:
A husband
A boyfriend
An intimate partner
A lover
A parent
A relative
A colleague
A boss
A stranger

We must #ENDviolence!


[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/WHO/status/#bot]

Would you eat insects & worms?

Crickets, grasshoppers, mealworms?

I totally would. As long as I had sweet chili sauce.

Cromch monch.

Om Nom Nom.

If I die I want my consciousness uploaded to a Terminator-style robot so that I can be a bone chrome dome clone drone

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the finest creation of the human race and is therefore the peak achievement of all life on Earth.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the pinnacle achievement of the human race.

@space_cadet Check out CS Mead & More on YouTube: youtube.com/c/CitySteadingyt
They do lots of weird & wonderful brews, including wines & ciders from store-bought juice.

When I've made cider from store juice, it really just tastes like a dry version of the juice. I find it nicer than the juice, as the juice is too sweet from the bottle.

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