More English Ad Absurdum:
Masculine, generic respectful: Sir
Police/Armed Forces, superior rank: Sir
Knighthood: Sir
King, generic: Sire
Masculine, parenthood: Sire
Masculine, Disrespectful (archaic): Sirrah

"The unexamined life is not worth living."

So, Mr Aggressive Ape-Man tailgating me in a fast car, allow me to help you with that.

I wonder if the things that Kim Jong-Un says to his country sound as deranged and imbecilic as the things that his "Lover" Donald Trump says to his deranged and imbecilic voters.

Someone should invent an implantable fuel cell which just converts glucose into electricity + CO2 + H2O so you can charge your devices just by touching them and so you can eat as many delicious iced pastries from the bakery as you want to.

The ALP and the LNP State governments would be having different flavour Cabinet meetings these days. When considering the cost tradeoff of lockdown vs. open-up, the Lib's economic costings would be based on the lamentable costs that the State Hospitals would incur, whereas Labor's forecast would include the ongoing unrecoverable costs of having families torn apart and children being impoverished and never stepping up to becoming valuable tax-paying citizens in future. THAT'S the difference.

All of Roger Waters' studio albums are actually just stage show musicals without the stage show (with the partial exception being The Wall, which got a movie-length music video film clip).

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on top of that - i don't think the idea of a police force scales very well. it probably worked better in Paris in 1667 than it does today in a modern city; on top of that, criminals have access to better technology, too.

If the Victorian cop stomping on the head of the man being arrested had not been filmed by a bystander, the cop would have gotten off scott free. This is the truth, and you know it. This is the only power that citizens have to protect each other from police brutality.

I have never met a cat that I didn't like. But I couldn't eat more than one.

South Park is probably one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen.

As someone with Asperger's Autism, it truly irks me that Neuro-Typical people are so predictable, BUT I have to work very hard to predict their behaviour. Take for example, driving in Sydney. All I have to do, to know exactly what any other driver is going to do, is assume that they are selfish, pushy, in a massive rush, and they've had the "Risk-Management" part of their brain surgically removed.

There is some ancient codified lore in mechanical engineering that goes: the more complicated something is, the more likely it is to break/fail. Eg. the human foot. It has about 100 tiny bones in it, and does a job that nature has not had very many generations of Homo Sapiens in which to evolve it into perfection.

Nature: you want to walk on 2 legs? Ha. You wish. You had better invent Podiatrists ASAP.

In living rooms all over the world, New Year's Eve, 2021:
"Who's laughing NOW, HUH?"
- all those people who filmed last year's fireworks on their iPads.

With so much "working from home" happening these days, getting paid to "poop at work" is so last year.

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