When you suddenly remember that The Orb did an album with David Gilmour.

Swears, Pseudo-science 

I'm going to have two re-write this whole damn thing, aren't I?

Right, time to get some work done. Would be handy if I could actually see my screens properly, with the yucky gunk in my eyes.

Gross Lurgy 

Very non-vegetarian cooking. 

Amused to Death is almost like being treated to a second installment of The Final Cut.

25,326. It's going down! Go the line crews!

Nearly 24k properties in SA without power. Including us. but what extreme weather conditions? Hardly call a heavy overcast extreme. What have we been missing?

Corollary: blah, blah, blah, how language studies have saved my mental health. Seriously.

Clucking bell, I have feels. I had to check a load of stuff, but I just had a brief exchange on birdsite, IN DUTCH (OK, me in a bad Nederlands/English hybrid*, the other in Flemish,) about street art,
and IT FELT SO GOOD. Seriously, even struggling with an unfamiliar language, being able to connect on shit you care about is so awesome.

I just used nail repair varnish to repair a nail. (I normally use it as an anti-corona coating for high voltage stuff.)

For those who know my grumpy incarnation on birdsite, I am now also that here. (And on mastodon DOT cloud, but not active there yet.) Same sort of split as birdsite.

Jeepers. Doxycycline is just starting to give me relief from a 13 week lurgy, and now I've got a bloody cold. Can't win.

I - no, that's too German for this channel. I need to relearn. This is LOCAL audience.

Australian music - why so little recognition for:

* Loka Nunda
* Wendy Rule
* The Cable Ties
* Lisa Gerrard (solo mode, as opposed to half of DCD)

Crikey, I've just realised ALL from Melbourne.

So, I've just realised that this is the only Australian-focused medium I am on. Used to sharing with an international network, so there's stuff I either a) just don't mention, or b) have to explain. So...

Australian birdsite at the moment: Hot takes! Hot takes! Get 'em while they're hot! Larks' tongues! Ocelot spleens! Hot takes!

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