imagine having a chain where someone replies to me and i never stop replying simply to have the last word

pokemon leaf green is lg.... we need a pokemon bt in our life

everybodys showing pride
even me today
cos the million dollar man
is feeling pretty gay

riddle me this is the federated timeline toots every single too from everyone in an open fediverse (eg one that isnt private) or not
cos i feel like it would be
but it doesnt seem like it is

damn, they pulled the epicest prank on me by making me go to a job i hate every day just to survive. bring the cameras out already yall and lets get this socialism thing cracking

what i feel right now feels like the anti life equation
and i wana be strong like superman and fight it and just live but i dont feel like i m strong enough

i dont wanna write
i dont wanna listen to music
i dont wanna play music
i just wanna not be at all

was going to turn back to my old method of dealing with depression shit by writing but i didn't even finish my sentence by saying 'fuck you. fuck off. this is shit.'

feeling empty on the weekend fuck yeah love this tradition

nearly replied something weird to someone because i thought it was a glitched toot but nah my fed timeline just wasnt scrolled all the way up

vague announcement to folloewrs i might move instances and thus accounts eventually
no offence to the guys i just feel like i can find somewhere i'll fit in even better some day

@garfiald @garfiald fckj... which garf is the real garf... whiuch do i shooot....

self harm/suicide 

god i'm such a dumbass i forgot to take my pill til now no wonder you're a depressed fucker

calling out The Who for putting out an album AND a song called "Who Are You". you trying to make music, or a fuckin Abbott & Costello routine? grow up, assholes

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