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EVERYBODY my acccount is now... @skelltan please to follow

EVERYBODY my acccount is now... @skelltan please to follow

(me when i turn heel)
say goodbye to the good bi

i dont make follower only posts i want everyone to hear my voice at all itmes

my brother is listening to the ting go skrraaa

why would u subtoot rather than face ur enemy/friend head on

who told morrissey this was good cover art
isnt that a fucking stock font too

why doesnt someone fuckin message me first for once
i always say hi first!!!!!

instead of saying mood say 'i feel this on the reg' its really hip

i wanted to make a account yesterday but it was closed
now im too lazy too

i wanna do stuff but cats sittin on me so i have lazy enery

no offense but there are some decently old people on here
i suppose all the young and hip people are at twitter

holy shit people are actually whining about the tree graphics
i lov to play pokemon to look at trees

new pokemon thoughts 

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