New to this whole platform, so short introduction:
* australian
* mostly beard
* proud keeper of a pug
* musician of questionable ability
* big fan of using Linux for audio production
* not really sure how this thing works
* asterisks everywhere

Hi! Welcome to the Fediverse! You'll get the gist of it soon enough. You write and people answer. That's the basic principle.

@matt I'm not great with emojis, but back at you! Very happy to see all these chinwag people popping up, as I used to know @mike back in the day (I found him on here by pure chance).

@sjg @matt I have no idea who you from the description and I'm trying to puzzle that out from the clues available now!

@mike I had stairs, but I've mellowed out with age.

@mike @sjg sometimes it's fun to have stairs. they've just brought back a missing stair

@sjg Following for the questionable musical ability.

@futzle I usually play fretless bass guitar in a dad rock cover band, but that's been thrown into disarray with everything going on, so I've been looking at writing again. Linux is a great platform for writing music, due to the ease of routing audio between programs. I've been toying with writing drum parts in Renoise, setting up synths in Supercollider and triggering them via MIDI from the Muse sequencer, and routing all the audio into Ardour for mixing, keeping it all in sync via dork magic.

@sjg Welcome to the Beards Club... oh wait, no, it's mastodon. ;-)

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