Gone from being utterly obsessed with computers to being utterly obsessed with bass guitar again. Just as well, given that the band has somewhere between 0 and 2 gigs next month. I guess I'll be trying to learn a foreign language again by Christmas or building daft Arduino contraptions or some kinda flying machine. What's happening next week? Life is a sitcom.

Got a real love/hate relationship with MIDI. Actually it's just format 0 SMFs I hate, the rest of it is pretty fantastic.

personal github anecdote, boring 

I did several rewrites of my "split a midi file up into separate channels" program that I've been working on for fun (also practical/educational purposes), and managed to tie my github repository up in knots. Not surprising as I've only had an account for maybe a week now. Nuked the repository and rebuilt it, and there is now no paper trail of the REALLY bad bugs I fixed, so in effect all my visible incompetence cancelled itself out. Pretty sweet.

Finally code-smashed a tool into a fairly non-horrible state. Well actually it's horrible, but it does work. Also made a github account, and I feel like I'm a million years old trying to use it. Long live the Rev Dr Bobo Probo.


Pretty much every time I put a comment in code that says "in reality this should never happen", the piece of code pokes its head out from the side of the stage making a "shocked" face, joyfully waddles towards me waving a hat and cane, then hits me in the face with a pie. The audience laughs, and the piece of code nudges me with his elbow, grunting "say the line, say it" and then I say:

"Wow, I can hardly believe that happened!"

It's old material, sure, but it feels new every time we do it.

Calling it now, the best thing to happen to me all year is being introduced to Donny Benét's music. Timely reminder that it's possible to feel happy and confident, and it's possible to make others feel happy and confident. It's easy to forget those things sometimes. His work is also a great example of how intelligence, tenderness, (usually) badass basslines and a dollop of humour can all fit together. I've been making an effort to be less negative recently and his music is making it almost easy.

ear problems 

Spent the last week or so without any hearing in my right ear thanks to a mysterious infection & swelling. Not sure how it happened, but it staggers me how much of my happiness depends on sound. Hopefully the antibiotics do their thing soon; the weird digestive issues they've brought on are bad, but not _as_ bad as temporarily losing the ability to follow my hobbies and obligations. On the bright side, I've found all sorts of new things to read.

Intense tech-related brainfart 

Figured it was a good day to purge the cursed Ubuntu setup and move on with life. dd the replacement install image onto a small USB stick, partition the target drive, install. Oh dear, this is installing very slowly. Uh oh, why am I out of disk space? Reboot. Menu appears, but "Install" option is no longer available. Post-mortem: My inner genius managed to (partly) install NetBSD to the install media itself. You can install it on anything, but eh, not like this.

Back injury 

It speaks volumes that the worst part of doing my back was that I couldn't physically access my laptop or desktop (study's a mess) for two days. Managed to get the laptop out this morning aaand now my back's in even worse shape. Not the most brilliant manoeuvre, in hindsight.

It only took me 4 years, but I finally found a wholesome use for the Pi! Desktop needed some sort of stable wifi, the Pi has it onboard... it was a bit of a juggling act to set it up as a bridge (via ssh, switching between physical and wireless), but the process was worth its weight in "problem solving dollars". Often I'd be problem solving behind the scenes in a live entertainment environment, but in regional Vic it's just not happening anymore, so folks like me have to make our own problems.


Visual representation of what happens when you try to program soundwaves using C's math.h, without a solid grasp of things like "mathematics" or "programming". The original sinusoid turned out great, writing the wave file header was easy enough, but figuring out how to apply amplitude envelopes took a detour into "re-inventing the Etch-a-Sketch" country.

Got up super early tonight, and I'm happy to report that it did in fact cause me to become healthy, wealthy AND wise!

However, it happened sequentially and each personal quality was overwritten by the next, so I'm just "wise". Well, I'm having tim tams for breakfast at half past 1 in the morning, so it's more of a subjective wisdom. The important thing is it's a weird trick and doctors hate it.

Woke up at 20:30 AEST. What's my secret? Programming.

New to this whole platform, so short introduction:
* australian
* mostly beard
* proud keeper of a pug
* musician of questionable ability
* big fan of using Linux for audio production
* not really sure how this thing works
* asterisks everywhere


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