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Nothing I love more than getting too the airport terminal gate like 5 minutes before boarding. Perfectly balanced.

started to design a series of mockups for Mastodon UX.

These are all based on the current UX design... but once I've got these mocks completed, I'll start to aim higher and do a more holistic mockup with user personas and work flows.


The Queen is dead? No thanks, I hate The Smiths.

Before and After. (@TheLyrical___ on twitter) trying to make me something nice, and I ruin it by making it more realistic.

I deeply hate getting used to a new keyboard and mouse.

Got myself a Logitech MK850, and none of the keys feel right and mouse acceleration does not feel correct yet.

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“Put a computer in everything” is one of those decisions that people 100 years from now will bring up to show how backwards we of the past were, the way we do with decisions like “make water pipes out of lead” and “put cocaine in cough drops”

Flights to Sydney for next week training is booked in! Five days of Hardcore training, Staying at a swanky inner city hotel, and visiting friends. What a deal.

"At its meeting today, the Board decided to increase the cash rate target by 50 basis points to 2.35 per cent. It also increased the interest rate on Exchange Settlement balances by 50 basis points to 2.25 per cent."

Trained mental health response embedded with police.... don't hate this. SA have a cookie. :flipcat:

My friend had a Lada and it was a monster that always broke down. He loved it.

I love having mods. I should have done it years ago.

Your shit instance can’t handle my deletes in time?

I still argue that the fediverse needs more cover of functionality for personas.

* People like artists/comedians/journalists who use posts to broadcast as far and wide as possible. (soapbox with a megaphone).
* People who want to post in a open book kind of way. It's open, and you can read if it you can find it. (harder to find)
* People who want to post to their friends. (Circles).
* People who post in large group chats (Group DMs).
* People can are posting to a fandom like undertale or harry potter or whatever. and want to find each other by toot topic not by the actual account
* People posting
* People who want to follow hashtags. (possible recently, but still only follows local hashtags)

The upcoming Groups feature is going to help with some of these.

AP is missing global federation wide search. Historical toots or unknown toots are impossible to find.

There are different methods here
* Twitter has lots of coverage
* Tumblr has lots of coverage
* Live journal has lots of coverage

but none of them covers them all of the personas, but AP easily can.

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